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Want To Pursue Education Abroad? Here’s Why Singapore Is a Great Option

A popular tourist spot, comprising of 64 islands and a pluralist heaven, Singapore is crawling its way up when it comes to education. No, it’s not like everybody there is great at Math, as memes on the cyberspace have you believe; but it is certainly true that Singapore is one of the top choices of students aspiring to study abroad.


Quantum Physics or Veterinary Degrees: Singapore is the place!

Singapore has a number of schools, colleges and universities providing courses in areas which you probably don’t even know exist. Whether you want to be the next Valentino, or dream about outshining Richard Dawkins, you can get a number of courses with comprehensive syllabus, at affordable prices.


A Cultural Hotspot

study in singaporeIf you have lived in one place all your life, you know, holed up in one place, same old faces and features, it is time you go to Singapore! No, exaggerating, Singapore is an exciting amalgam of a plethora of ethnicities and faiths, literally a melting pot of various cultures.

You’d come across people from India, China and Malaysia and many other countries. Interacting and talking to people from all across the globe will truly change your whole outlook of the world. At the end of the day, education doesn’t mean being good at academics only; being a tolerant, pluralist and a responsible citizen of the world is actually what matters more.


In the Top Ten

Singapore happens to be among the top ten educational destinations in the world. It is flocked by students for high school as well as higher education degree programs.


Holistic Excellence

That’s right. Singapore’s education system boasts of a highly competitive education system, right from the primary to higher education. The education system provides learning which promotes thinking out of the box, polishes analytical skills, and encourages research.


Public or Private: Choose the One Which Sits Well With Your Requirements

The country has a number of excellent public as well as private educational institutions. Moreover, around 16 leading foreign universities had campuses providing degree programs and various other courses.


Forget Three Wishes, All I Want Is a Kick-Ass Degree at Affordable Prices

Admittedly, quality education comes at high costs. But you really need not worry now. Singapore offers superior quality education at affordable tuition fees. Of course, there is lot of packages which you can choose from.  There are a number of educational scholarships available for bright foreign students wishing to pursue education in the country.

You can also apply for bursaries and study loans. Availing financial assistance in Singapore is relatively easier than in other countries.


A Growing Job Market

Singapore is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. It offers a broad range of career opportunities for students belonging to all fields. You can pursue your higher education and apply for a work permit for excellent job opportunities. If your degree course requires undergoing practical training in organizations in Singapore, you get a work permit in that case as well.

Complete your studies, live like there’s no tomorrow, and get an awesome job! Head to Singapore now!

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