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Summer Creative Writing Programs You Are to Attend in 2018

Being a student is not really easy because there are many impediments and challenges that are faced only by this category of young people. The main objective is to develop all learning skills in all possible ways. There are no boundaries for the self-perfection. Accordingly, students should never stop. They ought to be on a constant move to improve their skills and enrich knowledge.


One of the most effective ways to do that is to choose one of the numerous summer creative writing programs. There are a lot of organizations and educational institutions that suggest students attending special courses that can sustain and improve their writing capabilities. This is a tremendous advantage, which will help them prepare for the future challenges at colleges and universities. In addition, it is a great opportunity to have some rest.

Consider the following programs:

  • English Today. This program invites all eager students to Boston for 4- and 6-weeks of studying. The program involves students aged 17 years and older. It is targeted at the improvement of creative writing and will mainly focus on pronunciation, speaking, writing skills in general, the enrichment of vocabulary, and cross-cultural communication;
  • Summer Institute for International Scholars. This is a specific course, which aims at the improvement and development of speaking and writing skills. The speaking aspect will involve work in teams, different types of verbal interactions, etc. When making allowances for the writing aspects, students will receive the ability to enhance the creative aspect. The instructors will work with the students individually, to improve various essential aspects. The program’s duration is six weeks;
  • Summer Creative Arts Course in USA or Canada or UK. It was initiated for the students aged between 14-18 years. The program will include various aspects of writing and other necessities. The creative writing program will teach students how to compose different pieces of writing in the most effective and quickest ways. The course will be helpful for journalists. In addition, students may improve their knowledge in photography, world design, theatre, music, and visual arts;
  • Critical Thinking Course in USA or Canada or UK. The initiators of the program invite students aged from 14 to 18 whose language knowledge is native or near-native. The campers will be taught how to avoid bad arguments and use proper ones when writing. They will also learn deductive and inductive methods, the use of the evidence, which will improve their creative writing.

This was a brief survey of popular creative writing programs you can select for the summer period. Visit each website and evaluate the possibilities. It is quite possible that one of the described programs will meet your requirements and will help you improve creative writing skills.

Yet, there are many other similar programs and institutions with professional staff and effective programs. Just do your own small research and compare them. Select the one that fits you most in order to reach your academic objectives.

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