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Time to Think: Surrealism against Realism Essay

essay example on surrealism vs realismWhat is realism? The aspect of it is related to an intellectual and cultural movement that was born in XIX century. Realism covers various segments of politics, art, literature, music, moral, etc. Originally, realism was the kind of movement going against romanticism and its exaggerated emotionalism. In the other words, realism is concentrated on real life and its aspects.

What is surrealism? Arisen in the XX century, surrealism is also related to intellectual and cultural aspects of life. When digging deeper into the meaning of the word, one may reveal the “surréalité”, which means “beyond the reality”. Being linked to many different social arias, surrealism has reached its greatest popularity in art. In Salvador Dali’s opinion, “surrealists were born in the real world, but they were bored with it; that is why they expressed their inner world in a very strange way”. Investigating the darkest corners of one’s soul, surrealists interpreted dreams in their own way and the most successful in the area was Salvador Dali.


Surrealism vs. Realism: What are the Differences?

As it was mentioned above, realism depicts the reality just as it is, without any “veils”. In the opinion of many, this is boring and is in some way related to the photography. In contrast to it, surrealism is an aspect, which is more expressive.

Surrealism interprets reality in a very bizarre and odd way and tries to swallow us up into the mysticism world we couldn’t even have imagined. They do so by using highly realistic techniques to make their own world as real as possible. So did old good Salvador Dali in order to produce what he’s famous worldwide for – hand-painted dream photographs.

Although these movements seem to be so far from each other, they still have a lot of common grounds for the expression of various sides of everyday life, even though in many quite different ways. One more similarity lies within the fact that realism and surrealism have integrated into fashion and TV. While realism dominates on the TV screen, surrealism has covered the fashion area. Why so? Just turn on TV. A bunch of reality shows will pop up in a minute. Realism is dominant on the screen for it brings a human being closer a preferred character and, to say more, they share various emotions with the TV characters. Meanwhile, surrealism is the king of the world of haute couture because of its ideas of reproducing the weirdest and wildest dreams. Surrealists can boast of having the most creative mind and unlimited imagination needed to create a real masterpiece.


Surrealism and Realism: Which is the Best?

Tastes differ, but in my opinion, surrealism is more expressive and beautiful by its nature. When you’re wandering in a gallery of a realism masters, you’re passing by the paintings thinking about how beautiful they are. But once you get into the world of surrealism paintings, your first feeling is “?” and you start wondering, “What did the author try to express by means of his work?” and the painting simply starts to absorb you. Hidden symbols and painter’s feelings mixed with your imagination – these are the reasons to definitely cast your vote for surrealism.

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