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Technology essay is the type of writing that can cover any topic concerning technology field. Such essay can explain an impact which modern developments have on the everyday life, as well as on the business community. Moreover, this writing also estimates an influence of the technology which may be beneficial and harmful to the certain extent as well.

software developmentBillions of people all over the world cannot imagine a single day without their gadgets. In any time and wherever they are people can express their feelings by sharing with others the ideas, thoughts, quotes, and intentions. This all is possible due to the Internet. The technology eliminates the social gap between nations, as well as cultures. Therefore, the world gradually becomes smaller and smaller, more integrated, and interconnected. People do not need to be the politicians, movie stars or famous sportsmen to be heard. All they need to do is to have an access to the World Wide Web. Moreover, an access to the Internet grants everyone the ability to keep in touch with anybody through such media as Facebook, Instagram, and Skype. Making the posts people show how they spend their spare time with friends, family, or lovers. To this end, our private life has become more public and, for instance, being in South Africa people can look after American pop stars following them in the social media.

The doctors and scientists use technology in order to tackle the problems which ones have seemed to be impossible to handle with. In general, the overall level of health and education has increased over the recent years. The greatest breakthrough is that Human Immunodeficient Virus has transformed from the death sentence to a manageable disease. There also have been developed the supercomputers which help to perform a better diagnosis and treatment, as well as understand human genetic building blocks in order to use this knowledge to fight off diseases. In 2002 a full human genome sequence cost $100 million; currently, the price is $1,000; by 2020 can cost less than a cup of tea.

With all these benefits, technology has a negative effect on our world as well. Most people just cannot engage in a conversation with their friends without using technology. To some extent, people become addicted to the mass media, social networking, and virtual reality. Furthermore, a great range of digital gadgets makes our brain work differently as it used to in the past. Nowadays, people do not want to remember a lot of the information as they can easily find it on the Internet; or do not make simple calculations in mind or on the paper as smartphone calculator can do it faster and promptly without mistakes. In addition, popular video games and various applications, from the early childhood, change the way children think and accept a real world.

All in all, new technology does not automatically mean only benefits. It can help save the planet and put its development on the new level. At the same time, technology is able to destroy it and annihilate the mankind as a species from the face of the earth if people are not careful. Thus, humanity should think about stability and further development without reckless ideas and with a pure mind.


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