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The process of writing a paper

The process of writing a paper is very complicated and if you do not organize yourself right, the perfection of your paper will be under a big question mark.

The whole process can be divided into 5 stages. Following them chronologically, will bring you to a halfway to success.

The stages are:

  • Pre-writing: Collecting information, doing research, connecting facts, making outline.
  • Making a Draft: Composing the first draft of your future paper.
  • Revising: re-reading, re-writing, over viewing and correcting.
  • Editing: checking for clarity, style, formality, understandability (Is better when done by another person).
  • Turning in.

You have to pay equal attention to each stage, and do not jump for one step to another. Try to focus on every aspect of your paper not to miss anything.

The strongest quality in your paper is that it should be specific and clear. So make sure that during all your writing stages, you keep your point focused and understandable.

Pre-writing is probably the most important part of the writing. Here you define the plot and the outline of your paper. Collect and figure out what information should be there.

Making a draft, this is the part where you make a rough text, which will be edited and revised later. On this stage, you will see how your paper will look when it is completed.

Revising, You read the whole paper again and note all mistakes and inaccuracy and revise it.

Editing, Is the part where it is recommended to give your term paper writing to a friend for him to read it and to point on some mistakes that you were not able to notice, and correct them.

The turning in process is quite simple and doesn’t need to be explained.

We hope that this short article will help you write an excellent paper, and get a high grade for it.

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