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5 Sweet Distractions for Thesis Writing

phd comics thesisSo, it’s time to deal with thesis writing and you have just noticed that your neighbor has got a new car. Oh, and the girl next door seems to have another party (not to mention that there is a new episode of your favourite TV show released). It’s so typical for a student to be distracted by everything literally. What are the most typical distractions that make us waste our time and then work twice as hard to meet the thesis writing deadline?

1. Internet

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, AOL and many other resources are good to make use of in order to share news, personal information, search for educational materials and communicate with the relatives, who live far and away. However, these very web sites are a great distraction! You open up the page to contact your class mate regarding the biology report and next thing happening – it’s you three hours later looking through some random page photos. Sounds familiar?

2. Mobile Phone

It’s a set rule – the very moment you finish the first paragraph of your thesis writing, your mobile phone beeps. Without a doubt, the message is more than just important. As a rule, it is sent by your best friend, who wonders whether you’re coming to the basketball tonight. Or, as an alternative, your girlfriend would like to know what cafe will be the best choice for the meeting. And so on and so forth – this story s never-ending. Be brave enough to say NO (of course, if it’s not the emergency question!) and focus on your stuff. In other words, when you say YES to the others, make sure that thus, you do not say NO to yourself.

3. Procrastination

So, you’ve sorted out your magazines from 2001 till present, cleaned the bookshelves, checked old mails and provided long and detailed answers, gone through the toughest level of your favourite game… It looks like you can do anything to postpone the actual writing. However, you still need to do the assignment and putting it off has only stolen your precious time.

4. Emotional Disbalance

It’s not a rarity that sometimes our feelings are the number one reason why it is so hard to focus on any work. The recent break-up with the beloved one, difficult situation in a country, problems with parents – the reasons behind your emotional instability can be different, but all of them can make it so tough to produce even a sentence.

5. Home Assignments Overload

Sometimes you switch your attention from the thesis writing task… to the other task because the to-do list is endless. Exams, tests, term and research papers – everything should be accomplished within the deadline. That is why you are distracted from the thesis writing, trying to balance with the whole scope of work. But there’s one thing to remember – it’s impossible to do everything at once and do it up to the highest standards.

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