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Top Clichéd Application Essay Topics to Avoid

application essay topicsYou’re assigned with the application essay writing assignment and the toughest deadline will be there in a moment. The thing is that the essay is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge and how successfully you have mastered the course materials. College tutors read dozens of the essays every single day and they are tired of the clichéd projects. Your task is to pick the essay topic that will stand against the other projects. So, what are the common essays topics you must stay away from in the process of work?

Controversial Issues

In college, you will be provided with a great range of opportunities to share your viewpoints on various religious and political issues. Nonetheless, your application project is not the tool to use in order to express your views.

The thing is that you never know who will be reading your paper! If you are writing about the Islam beliefs and your reader is Catholic, you will 100% spoil your chances.

If the topic is personal to you, make sure to develop it as long as you can do that without showing your excessive bias and attacking the opposite side.

What to talk about in the essay instead?

Instead of talking about controversial topics that may cause disputes among your readers, set your mind on something else. Any social issues will do! Teens bullying, pregnancy drinking, etc. – the choices are unlimited. Generate the essay about whatever fascinates you, but doesn’t offend anyone else.

Without any doubt, the application essay is the project that reveals your inner world. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you have to write about how much you love yourself and what kind of accomplishment you have achieved.

Listing personal accomplishments is more suitable for the Curriculum Vitae. The paper should be focused on one facet of your life – something that shouldn’t be provided within any other document.

Remember, the representatives of the admission board have already got your resume and they are fully aware of what you have accomplished. An application essay is your chance to demonstrate who you actually are beyond all the qualifications mentioned in the essay.

What to talk about in the essay instead?

So you were the High School president, cheerleading captain or the leader of a volunteer program? Make sure to choose the accomplishment that matters the most. What background experiences and professional skills have you gained from it? Have you learned any lessons? Just take any situation and explain what you have successfully dug out from it.

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