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Undergraduate Thesis Sample

Writing an undergraduate thesis sample requires thorough literature on the selected topic. It often appears to be a challenging task due to the load of responsibility that comes with the writing assignment. An undergraduate thesis should provide relevant research with supporting arguments that will give a credible and accurate final draft. An example below reveals a proper structure and needed content to provide a high-quality undergraduate thesis.


Police brutality in the United States has become a recent dangerous trend that none of the authorities is working on changing. For the most part, police officers, who would seem to protect the rest of American society, provoke and act violently towards the society. The protests of residents against police brutality have been on the rise within the last few years, making a claim on the need to draw attention to the issue.

Literature Review

Police brutality is a social issue that holds causes, the present condition of matters and consequences for the American society. According to Fitzgerald, racial profiling keeps on causing violence in the U.S. in spite of it being morally as well as legally wrong, and is associated directly with police brutality. Racial profiling also considers blame for a wrongdoing in the light of the assumed guiltiness of individuals of certain racial attributes. A few hypotheses contend that there are some mental variables in the reasons for police brutality. The utilization of overabundance power on regular people is a criminal offense that also contributes to police brutality since it abuses state laws, government laws, established rights, and police laws too. The consequences for police brutality entail the increase of aggression and the turmoil in the society, leaving the public safety at risk. However, there are a few solutions relating to the update of social policies and structuralization of police work to improve the attitudes and eradicate police brutality as an issue.

Materials and Methods

In order to evaluate the reasons for police brutality and the impact of the issue on the society the thesis paper applies a meta-analysis of the available literature to find the main trends and pose the solutions suitable for improving the condition.


Racial profiling is the main cause for police brutality, as examined within the social research on the topic. Meanwhile, a more important factor deals with the service of police officers in the neighborhoods that they do not reside at. Simultaneously, the more crucial factor found is the lack of the strict rules for the recruitment of police officers. The recent shortage in the number of staff members led to the unprecedented consequences of having police members poorly educated and vaguely trained. Hence, the main solutions are connected with the need of providing the high-quality training for the new police officers and the education of their emotional intelligence and tolerance towards the diversity.


There is an ongoing controversy regarding the need for police officers to reside in the communities they serve to avoid racial profiling within their daily duties. The distinction between private life and professional responsibilities has become very vague. Therefore, there is a need to develop the social research on the topic and find more data to infer the solution to the new controversies rising on the behalf of the issue of police brutality.


This dissertation thesis was written with the support and supervision of Dr. Smith. The literature for the meta-analysis applied was taken from the university’s database and Internet engine.


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