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4 Marvelous Apps That Improve Your Writing

writing a letterThere are hundreds of apps that claim to be beneficial for your writing; however, only a handful of them are really useful for students and can either improve the way you write or make this process easier – the majority are either rehashes of one another, or apps with interesting gimmicks but little practical applicability. In this article we will tell about some apps that can go a long way in improving your writing skills – so read carefully.

1. Toneapi

Emotion is an integral part of language; you may think that what you write is perfectly neutral and doesn’t betray your real attitude towards the subject, but unless you are really careful there will be indications here and there in your choice of words.

Toneapi is an app that analyzes your writing and determines an emotional impact it is likely to have on the readers, giving you suggestions as to how you may change your wording to alter the underlying message. In most cases, it is done to make your writing more emotionally charged, and charged in the direction you want.

2. Poppet

Have you ever heard of mind mapping? It is an increasingly popular and effective technique for organizing one’s thoughts and ideas on a particular subject. The concept is an old one – people have been using mind maps or something similar to them for hundreds of years; however, it was the advent of the Internet that let them really take off. Popplet is one of the more convenient and popular apps that help you organize your thoughts so that it is easier to tackle that particularly obnoxious essay – just take a look at the mind map of the topic you’ve made, and everything will click into place.

3. Visuwords

Visuwords is an indispensable tool for visual thinkers who find themselves at a loss when encountering a traditional dictionary. Type a word into it, and instead of a habitual list of meanings you will see a visual representation of the word’s semantics: what it means, what are its synonyms and antonyms, its relationships with other words from the same semantic area, whether it is a member of a larger group of concepts and so on. Its color-based legend requires some getting used to, but once you’ve mastered it, navigating in the sea of words gets ever so easy and pleasant.

4. Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway is famous for writing in short and energetic sentences. Hemingway app can help you do so as well. It highlights potential edits: overly long sentences, unnecessary adverbs, complex words, bad instances of passive voice and so on, all color-coded for your convenience. By processing your texts through it, you will immediately see where you can trim some fat and what you can throw away altogether, making your writing laconic and crisp.

Of course, you will not become a good writer by apps alone; but they can do a topping job in improving your writing in many small ways, eventually instilling better habits and techniques that can go a long way.

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