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What is a successful essay?

Every student, at some point in his or her life faces the problem of writing a successful essay, searches internet to find out the answer to the question “How to write a successful essay?”, looks for tips on how to get a best grade on the paper, and writes a work that the teacher or reader will, perhaps, enjoy reading. But in a rush for techniques and guidelines designed to help one to write a really good essay the first thing is the necessity to understand “what a successful essay really is”; Is it just a paper on which you get a good grade, or is it something more?

Successful essay is a focused paper designed to consider the audience which is going to read it, and also deals with the subject the writer has authority to write about. A successful essay is also a piece of writing where the writer manages to express own ideas or opinion in simple and understandable way. Successful essay should not be without the purpose so that the people will read it and forget the reading in 5 or 10 minutes. It needs to make the readers feel, think and experience everything they read. That is what makes a good essay; that is what makes it not just a plain text but a reading that touches the minds of others.

Successful essay is a work where the writer expresses exactly what he wants to say; it is not vague, but clear; it should not be boring, but interesting. Furthermore, successful essay should be relevant to the target audience, to the people who will read it. As you understand there is no point of writing about tips on how to make a tasty apple cake to, for example, a group of male college students, neither it will be interesting for housewives to read about effects using steroids has on health of a sportsmen. Thus one needs to carefully study the audience that the essay is created for, and choose the best suitable topic that will be relevant to them and interesting for them to read.

Also you need to note that successful essay is a focused essay. What does it mean? Well, imagine you need to write a 2 page essay on whatever subject you like, and you picked up sports. Of course sports, is too broad topic and you need to narrow it down, so you pick swimming. That is much better, but do you think you can write all you want about swimming and still fit it in 2 pages? I hope your answer is “no”, thus the topic should be narrowed down once more. So at the end you should come up with a very clear and specific topic, which is focused on preferably one main idea.

Also a successful essay is one that is on subject you have authority and experience to write about. I think you will agree that it would be difficult for one to write a good and interesting paper on “what are the benefits of visiting other countries” if he or she had never gone abroad.

So summarizing the above information, a successful essay is a type of writing that is focused and not vague, aimed to meet the scope of interests of readers, expresses what the writer wants to say and is not just an empty reading, but makes reader feel, experience and think during or after reading this essay. If these criteria are met, the goal of creating a successful essay had been achieved.

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