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Essay on “What is an Assignment?”

homework assignment

Nowadays (well, just like many years ago), a lot of students literally hate school. Besides that, they also can’t stand home assignments. They are good at procrastination and make sure to do anything to postpone the moment when they have to open the book and start the hardest work. They simply cannot handle the pressure of writing a home assignment. For all those students who truly believe that writing a home assignment is a pointless and useless process I have a lot to say. And here are my points on this topic.

First of all, let us make it clear with the definition of the home assignment itself. What is an assignment? The question is about a certain school task that is performed by the academic students required by the instructions provided by the professor. Now, let’s take a closer look at the significant importance of this kind of academic work.

Practice, practice and…practice. Why a student actually hates a particular subject? Well, perhaps his grades leave a lot to be desired or probably the teacher of Math, Physics (or whatever the matter is) is not of the mind-blowing type and it’s hard to get along with him…The important thing is that the student cannot easily skip the discipline, so why not give it a real try? If the student exerts every effort in order to understand the material he / she is required to master, who knows, she / he may really end up liking it! The whole point is that the academic assignment is the so-called start-up point that provides you with an opportunity to conduct some research that (without a doubt) will reveal something that will hook your attention in the subject. Assignment is the practice and participation that can lead to brand new insights. Or not. But you should always hope for the best. After all, every kind of experience might be of use someday.

It is important to mention that assignment is a bridge to the practical world. No matter what you are engaged with in your academic life, it is the mirror that reflects you the practical side of the theory you are studying for four or more years. The student is provided with an opportunity to take some ideas before diving into the routine of professional world. For instance, take a look at the academic assignments that require detailed research and physical visits to various places to make interviews. All the assignments enable you to get a clear idea on what is happening in a practical world. In order words, they help you to not feel like an alien after the graduation, when you finally enter the real office environment. And that is a real advantage, believe me.

It is a well known fact that academic assignments are the reliable tools for the interpersonal skills improvement. When I’m talking about the interpersonal skills I mean interaction with the college colleagues and professors, as well as committee members. By means of the college assignments students have an opportunity to get in contact with a great variety of individuals. She / he can learn to improve the communication skills (both – oral and written) through making a web of multiple contacts he / she will avail of in the nearest future when the professional life starts. If you are assigned with the task to work on the team projects with many other college mates it turns out to be even more helpful! The point is that this type of assignment will definitely help you develop outstanding leadership skills and let you totally concentrate on the core goals while increasing your efficiency!

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