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What Should I Do If I Can’t Write My Dissertation?

A lot of people ask themselves this question, much more than you can imagine – otherwise there wouldn’t be so many professional writing services on the net. However, when it comes to checking their actual expertise, it unfortunately can often be said that the majority of them are “professional” in name only.

Unfortunately, most writing services repeat each other in their structure and principle of work. They have a number of constant writers they assign to all the tasks, probably with the exception of a few freelance specialists they hire from time to time. ThePensters, however, believe in giving the customer as much freedom as possible. We are not a company in the strictest sense of the word – we only represent the interface that allows easy and helpful cooperation between professional academic writers and their clients.

How Do ThePensters Work?

  • A client visits our website, says “Write my dissertation for me” and provides us with some guidelines as to how we should approach the task;
  • Our writers examine the assignment, estimate their level and leave bids offering their prices;
  • The client studies their bids, looks through their profiles, examples of their work and other information and chooses one of them to work on the assignment.

As you may see, the principle of our work is quite different from that of a usual centralized company. We try to give as much freedom as possible both to our clients and to our writers. Nobody forces anyone to work with each other: the writers only deal with the cases they like and the customers may choose any writer among those willing to work for them.

Is It Really the Best Choice?

Yes. You can believe us or you can check it all by yourself and in the end you’ll come to us. Because:

  • 4 out of 5 first time clients come back with new orders;
  • We provide the best writing and the most meticulous plagiarism checks on the Internet;
  • Our writers are capable of dealing with any tasks and any deadlines;
  • We are not a single company, but a service uniting a number of independent professional writers set on delivering the best academic help on the Internet;
  • We offer the best quality and the widest choice;
  • We have specialists in all thinkable and unthinkable disciplines.

Only a few writing services can keep in their employment a large team of writers covering a lot of disciplines and topics. We, however, don’t have this problem. Our writers work for us part-time, which gives us an opportunity to hire more authors than your average writing service can afford, and thus cover more disciplines and their subdivisions. When you come to us and say “Help me write my dissertation” you may be completely sure that there will be at least a couple of authors both capable and willing to deal with your assignment. Don’t be afraid of losing your money – we give you a money-back guarantee that makes it absolutely safe to use our service. Now, don’t hesitate and place your order – thus ending your academic troubles.

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