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Too Much to Bear: a Word for the Mom

working mothers, Brigid SchulteBack in 1912 female workers marched through streets of Lawrence, state Massachusetts, with signs “We want bread, but we want roses, too”. This slogan was rephrased 60 years later in songs, written and performed by Judy Collins and John Denver. Its new form was: “We need a decent living, but we need a life, too.” Well, it looks like this saying will be popular and actual till the end of the concept of modern world’s setup.


Books of Overworked American Moms

At the beginning of the 21st century a lot of books appeared, which were dedicated to the topic of working parents (working mothers especially). The alarmingly huge amount of such books brought out an obvious social problem. In 1912, as well as in 1970, women at least had time to think of the possibility of a better life – nowadays, when working over 50 hours a week is considered something normal and when three quarters of mothers with children, who are less than three years old, work outside their homes, women cannot even stop and think of when all their lives have gone wrong.


Overwhelmed by Lack of Life

Brigid Schulte, journalist and writer, and also a wife and a mother of two children, made an attempt to muse on whether constant time shortage and fragmented life are there for her alone, or if it is something that millions of other women all over the world experience as well. In her book “Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time” Schulte asks: “What if not just women, but both men and women, worked smart, more flexible schedules? What if the workplace itself was more fluid than the rigid and narrow ladder to success of the ideal worker? And what if both men and women became responsible for raising children and managing the home, sharing work, love, and play? Could everyone then live whole lives?”


Some Traditions Are to Be Broken

Unfortunately, while workweek’s norms are growing bigger for both men and women, the majority of people still considers women to be the ones, who have to care fully for both children and the household. The historical traditions are strong in minds of those, for whom they make life more comfortable. So is there a way to overcome the nightmare of lack of personal time? So far – only on the local level, according to Sсhulte. Her advice is to break time into concentrated periods and always find at least little time to play with children. What would be the life without fun, anyways?

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