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Working as a Team

Dear Team,

I would like to remind you and bring to your attention how the process of getting orders works. Almost every new writers now asks us this very question: “why I don’t get orders?”.

The answer is there is not much advertisement of your accounts yet. Remember that you should advertise your account in the Internet; the more links to your profile (thepensters.com/yourpenname) there are on various web-sites, the more chances there are that customer will find thepensters.com by typing “essay” or “academic paper”, etc in search engines (Google, Yahoo).

Each of you is now playing a role of SEO master (read what is SEO here). If each of you post link to your profile, say, 5 times a month, in total this will give (~300 writers*5) = ~1500 new links to thepensters.com in a month. This will create kind of a net of links which lead to thepensters.com and this will be effective!

You won’t be able to achieve such result on your own, but only if working as a team. In this case each of you, by doing small thing, will help each other achieve great results.

Do not hesitate to write comments and express your thoughts on this,

ThePensters Team

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