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How to Write an Argumentative Essay if You Do not Have an Opinion

essay on global warmingBy its very nature writing an argumentative (or persuasive) essay means that you should express your point of view on the subject and, what is even more important, try to persuade your reader that your take on the problem is right. Generally you don’t have any problems with the exception of looking for relevant information and facts supporting your cause. But what if you don’t care about the topic at all? What if you don’t have any clear-cut opinion about the problem in question, either because you think that several points of view are somewhat correct, or because you have never actually thought about this issue, or because you don’t think there even is a problem, let alone several ways of looking at it? In this case writing an argumentative essay may get somewhat harder, and there cannot be two opinions about it.

Learn from Examples of Argumentative Essays

Try reading an essay or two and think: do you really believe that all those who have written them before you had such strong and definite opinions about every single thing they had to write about? Is it even possible to be so passionate about all the rather boring topics we are usually assigned with by our tutors? Hardly. The answer to this is simple – in order to write a good essay you shouldn’t necessarily support a cause, but you should behave as if you did. If, for example, you should write an essay on global warming, you may not care about it one way or another, but for the essay’s sake you should assume a point of view and put it as if you were really fervent about it. In addition to that, to a certain extent you are in an even better position than anybody who can boast of having a clear-cut opinion on the subject – you may study it from all sides and choose the point of view that is easier to support by facts, statistics and other meaningful evidence.


Writing an Argumentative Essay on Global Warming

Generally, there are two points of view about it. According to one, the humanity’s activity leads to climate changes which happen faster and faster with every passing year, and if relevant measures are not taken, we are in for a catastrophe the likes of which have never been seen before. According to another, even if global warming really happens (and there a lot of scientists who believe that it will not), it is a natural process which doesn’t have anything to do with human activity. Both sides have plenty of evidence, both sides state that their opponents use untrustworthy sources, both have significant impact on the way the world lives. You may skim through hundreds of argumentative essay examples supporting both sides of the debate, free to choose whom to support yourself. So don’t wait anymore, study the question, choose the side you like better and write a perfect persuasive essay – just as if you really believed in what you write.

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