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How to Write a Bachelor’s Thesis in a Month

Every student in every Bachelor’s program has to write a major paper. It has to be better than good. It’s essentially an accumulation of everything you have learned—or rather, using what you have learned to explore your own perspectives and ideas.

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There isn’t exactly a magic formula for creating an amazing thesis, but there is a structure you can follow to do it in a timely manner. More than likely, you’ve had all semester to write your paper, but you have procrastinated. But, it is not a problem! We know how to write it in a month. Proceed!

Week 1

The first week is perhaps the most important. It’s when you will come up with all your ideas and narrow them down to one. This decision will impact the rest of the month greatly. Make sure to choose something you have a personal interest in!

  • Make a list of potential topics or questions you have within your field of study;
  • Narrow them down until you have one that interests you the most. If you have two, after you do the next step you should be able to choose between them;
  • Start doing some background reading on the chosen topic or topics;
  • Come up with a question you plan to answer in your paper;
  • Answer the question in one sentence. Here is your thesis statement.

Week 2

By now, you have to perfect your thesis statement (although you can amend it later), and move on to the next step. During the second week, you’ll need to focus on all your resources and start creating an outline.

  • Go to your local library or school’s library and gather some valuable resources to find out some information to research the issue of your paper;
  • Scour online academic database for articles as sources too;
  • Pull out some important points or quotes you would like to include in your thesis;
  • Make a reference page in accordance with whatever style you are asked to write in (APA, MLA, etc.)
  • Organize your ideas into a preliminary outline;
  • Make a more formal outline with notes about what you are going to talk about.

Week 3

Halfway through! Great work is not so far! Now comes the bulk of the project—sit down and actually write it all out.

  • Using your outline, flesh it out! There’s no easy way to do this, you just have to sit down and write;
  • To space it out, you can write a section or two of the paper each day;
  • When you finish, see if you want to move some paragraphs or content around. This is the start of the editing process.

Week 4

Now you have the working draft, you need a final one by the end of the week. This week’s tasks include making final edits and getting a peer to read your paper.

  • Complete the editing process by checking for spelling and mechanical errors;
  • Read your bachelor’s thesis paper out loud to make sure it sounds good;
  • Give it to a friend, peer, or family member to read over and see if they can find any mistakes or if they understand it clearly;
  • Hand it in and go celebrate!

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