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How to Write an Essay on Cervical Cancer?

essay on cancerPeople suffering from cervical cancer get through the toughest time in their lives. The disease that affects the human being’s body and eventually takes away his/her life is the subject matter that not everyone would be brave enough to work on. So, before you start your paper, make sure you can cope with cervical cancer essay topic. The topic talks about the cervical cancer testing, its diagnosis and the future treatment of the disease. The basic segments of the essay on cervical cancer will be the following:

  • Cervical cancer definition.
  • What are the major causes for cervical cancer?
  • What symptoms are related to the cervical cancer?
  • How do you treat the disease?
  • Conclusions.


How to Start a Cervical Cancer Essay?

Start your essay with an introductory part, where it would be appropriate to provide some statistics from the health care area. When it’s time to proceed to the cervical cancer causes, make sure to state that this illness is caused by a HPV (human papillomavirus) virus. You can get this disease in case you’re having sexual intercourse with an individual, who has it. Make sure to mention that there many types of the virus. Some of them may cause various symptoms (make a research to name them) while the others are symptomless.


Write About the Symptom of Cervical Cancer

Symptom of cervical cancer is one of the must-haves of an essay. It is highly recommended to write that abnormal changes in the cervical cells usually cause no symptoms. Nonetheless, an individual may feel those symptoms once all the changes that take place within the cells will turn into cervical cancer. The basic symptoms of the disease are the ones named below:

  • Abnormal bleeding from the vagina or certain changes within the menstrual cycle.
  • Bleeding that occurs once something contacts woman’s cervix (during sex contact or when a woman tries to put in a diaphragm).
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.


Apart from mentioning all the symptoms that are typical for cervical cancer, make certain to provide useful recommendations on what a woman must do once she is faced with one of the described warning signs.


How to Write an Essay on Cervical Cancer: Write about Diagnosis

Suffering from cervical cancer is not what a woman would like to experience in her life. For that reason your essay may become a useful warning for those, who ignore regular pelvic exams. Provide a separate content section within the essay in order to talk about the Pap test that every female must get though. If this test proves that there are abnormal cell changes in an organism, the woman will need to perform the other tests to search for cervix cancer cells. Your task is to point out how important such tests are.


And Finally – Time for Treatment!

One of the essay paragraphs should be written on the process of cervical cancer treatment. For the majority of stages, the treatment of the disease will include:

  • Surgery that is about lymph nodes removal with (without) fallopian tubes/ovaries removal.
  • The phase of chemotherapy.
  • Radiation therapy.


Taking into consideration the growth of cancer, the person with this diagnosis may need to get through one or several treatments. Make sure to mention that the doctor may prescribe a combination of different treatments, which is good. Do your best to bring hope into the life of every woman (girl), who may suffer from the disease, and say how vital it is to get to the hospital as early as possible.

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