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How to Write Good Argumentative Essays

argumentative essays, essay writingArgumentative essays are something that you are very likely to encounter no matter what kind of subject you study. They are universal – as universal as debates are. You are given a topic, allowed to choose a point of view to support and have to find enough evidence in support of this viewpoint to crush the opponents – either theoretical or, in case your tutor is going to initiate a discussion based on students’ essays, real. The latter possibility means that you should prepare to it beforehand – to write really good argumentative essays one has to be ready to all eventualities. You can’t simply overlook an inconvenient piece of information if you know that your tutor or other students may use it to prove a different point of view. Thus, you have to prepare counter-arguments even to the points you have chosen to omit in your own essay, otherwise you may be found wanting during the following debates.

Finding a Good Argumentative Essay Template

If you want to be really ready to write your own argumentative essay, reading about how it is done is not nearly enough. The best way to practice will be to, well, practice – to try and write as many argumentative essays as possible before you have to do it for a grade. If, however, you don’t have enough time you’ll have to settle for reading an example or two and finding an argumentative essay template to base your own paper on. After you write a couple of essays according to this template you will be more or less prepared to write the task given to you by your tutor. Just be sure to borrow this template from a legitimate site the authors of which know their job well – although there are enough high quality sites dedicated to academic writing, the Internet is not a place to blindly take everything you find for its surface value.

Write a Sample Essay on Gas Prices

If you want to test yourself, choose a topic you don’t normally deal with – for example, gas prices (of course, if you are genuinely interested in them, choose something else – the point is in writing on an unfamiliar topic), choose a point of view to support (e.g., your suggestion to lowering them, the reasons why they are so high and so on), do the necessary research and write an essay proving your point. If you manage to write a good persuasive essay on gas prices, try to imagine your potential opponents (or ask a friend or relative to help you out) finding weak points in your writing and then take these weak spots into account. If you have time, write a couple more essays on similarly unfamiliar topics – it will teach you to find a way out from an unpleasant situation, collect information on things you don’t know about and prepare essays proving points you are not all that interested in. And chances are, the essay task your tutor will finally give you will turn out to be much easier than the ones you have written in a way of preparation.

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