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Short Guidance on How to Write a Poem Summary

How to Write a Poem SummaryBefore you start torturing your mind with the questions “how to analysis a poem?”, make sure to take your time in order to study the poem you’re assigned with. One of the essential steps that should be taken in the process is researching the poem background. What does it mean? Just answer the questions like who is the author of the poem and when was this piece of literature written. The answers will provide you with the basic clues in comprehending the poem. Make certain to read the poem several times before you feel like you’ve entered the author’s mind. Mark down all the ideas that pop up in your mind in the process of reading. For the poem summary, create separate paragraphs that will give a clear view on a unit of argument or idea. Whether you’re writing The Passionate Shepherd to His Love analysis or a summary on Middle Passage by Robert Hayden it is highly important to write down an introduction and a conclusion.


Writing Poem Summary: Step 1

If you happen to work on The Passionate Shepherd to His Love analysis or your concern is the A Leaf For Hand In Hand written by well-known Walt Whitman, know the name of the author and the year in which the literature masterpiece was accomplished. Carefully study the implications that the elements mentioned above have for the poem and provide these details in the intro.

Classify the piece of literature. Is it a narrative, descriptive, dramatic or any other poem? Remember, epic poem is usually pretty lengthy and covers various universal matters. As for a descriptive poem, it tends to include descriptions for a particular scene.

Keep on brining out all the key themes of the poem and make sure to link it to the language type that is used within the poem. It is old English used in XIX or the up-to-date slang heard at high schools?


How to Analysis a Poem: Step 2

Find out whether repetition is used within the poem. The poets use it in order to hook your attention to it or to create certain drama.

Determine the poem imagery, for instance, the usage of the similes or metaphors to picture something in a unique manner. Ponder over what kind of effect this may have on the readers.

Describe the overall tone of the issue and the narrative perspectives. Is the poem serious or funny? Is it written from the view point of the author or from the character’s perspective? Is the poet speaking directly to the reader or to someone else?

Sum up everything you’ve researched and written by putting together all the details you’ve revealed from the poem and leave a thought-provoking statement at the end.

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