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How to Write Sample Research Essays on Women in Leadership

women in leadership essay”Women in leadership” is one of the topics, which allows for almost infinite freedom, unless you are given more specific instructions as to what particular women and what particular kind of leadership you are supposed to write about.

As you probably know, the very nature of research essays presupposes that you take a rather narrow and clear-cut topic – your average research essay is supposed to be rather small, but at the same time providing deep insights into a particular topic. If you take a too generalized theme you will not be able to carry out anything deserving to be called research.

Thus, if you have to write about women in leadership sample research essays on this topic will be probably about particular famous women: Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher and so on. Or you may be said to perform research on women being leaders in a certain area of life: politics, business, social movements – take your pick. Or you may be given a task of writing on women in leadership in a particular historical epoch… as you may see, the possibilities are almost innumerable.

But still, essay format means that most likely you won’t have an opportunity to carry out research on an entire epoch or an entire area of activity. Essays are rarely larger than five-ten pages – and what particular research on such large topics can be crammed into such a limited space?

Thus, you will probably be limited to writing about a single person. If you have some choice in this matter, choose wisely and, as usual, try to choose the topic that would be interesting and inspiring for you and original and unexpected for those who are going to read and evaluate your essay.

The names we have mentioned earlier are probably the first names that come to mind when you think about women in leadership. Which is a very good reason to avoid writing about them, unless you have something really interesting to say or can study them from an unusual point of view. It will be much better if you choose a more obscure name, someone even your tutor will be interested in reading about. If you choose a fairly well-known person, be sure to include some rarely mentioned or controversial information about them – after all, it is your research, you are supposed to find interesting and not widely known facts about the subject matter.

All in all, the suggestions one can make on writing about this topic are more or less the same as always. Don’t be too verbose, try to tell as much as possible in as few words as possible. Don’t make the topic either too narrow or too wide. Stick to one line of thought from the beginning to the end.

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