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Help with Writing a Research Paper

Research paper is formal writing which includes research and student’s personal ideas. The process of writing a research paper is not easy, as it demands plenty of work and deep concentration. Following some particular steps in writing a research paper will help to get good results.

The first step in writing a research paper is choosing precise topic. The topic of the paper should be interesting. Make sure that you will be able to write on the particular topic, because some of them may be too difficult for you. Try not to select too wide topic; make it specific.

After choosing the topic, start to search for information. Nowadays, there is the number of sources of information on any topic available throughout the Web, media, printed sources etc. The most widely used are books, Internet, magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers etc. You can search through several of these sources. After you find some information on your topic, mark the most useful sources, which you will use in your paper. Do not forget to write down the information about your sources, so that you will be able to cite them in your paper.

Third step in writing a research paper is identifying a thesis statement. Do not make it too long. Thesis statement should reflect your point of view and the idea of the whole paper.

Next step is making an outline of your paper. Write down few ideas that you want to specify. Do not forget about the structure which presumes introduction, body and conclusion. Write few sub-points to the main points of your outline, make it more detailed. This will help you to write detailed and structured paper.

After the outline is done, start to compare gathered information to your outline. Find the most suitable sources and information. Organize these sources according to the outline. This will help you to simplify your writing process. During this stage of writing, you will learn much about your topic. Try to organize your notes in the way that is clear for your. Make sure that you will be able to find any information during writing process. Do not use any sources or information that you don’t understand.

You next step is writing the first draft. Make sure that you follow each step of your outline. Develop each point of your outline into a paragraph. Use the notes and sources that you have prepared. Stay focused; do not write down unnecessary information. Avoid plagiarism; use references and in-text citations for quotes or any other information you take from different sources.

After the draft of the paper is ready you should revise it. Read through the paper and make sure that you followed an outline. The essay should be logically structured. All of the points that you make should be clear. Make sure that all of the sources that you used are properly cited. Check the grammar and spelling mistakes.

The last step in your writing process is writing a final version of the paper. If you have done the revision carefully, you should not experience problems with your final version.

Following all the steps of the writing process that are mentioned above will simplify your work and guarantee you succinct and well-structured research paper.

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