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Writing argumentative essay

Writing an argumentative essay is not a simple task. In order to produce good essay you have to understand what it exactly is and what should be included in argumentative essay. You have to understand that argumentation is providing proofs (facts, opinions’ arguments) that support your main idea, the thing that you believe in. So first of all you have to decide for yourself, what is the idea that you want to communicate and prove to others.

It is also important to choose the aim of your paper. Argumentative essays may have different purposes: to persuade the audience to change their opinion, to communicate precise idea, or to prove its meaning or value and the reason for distinct position.

While writing the argumentative essay you should start with introducing the idea. Then provide arguments for your idea and counter-arguments for the statements that deny your point. Do not also forget to include the objections against your idea, otherwise the audience will not consider proves that you provide to be fair. Also when providing counter-arguments you demonstrate to the audience that you have carefully reviewed all sides of the problem and considered all possible points before proving your opinion.

The argumetation can be organized differently in the essay. There are two most common ways of organizing. The first one is called clustering. When using this technique you firstly provide proofs, then objections, and at last refute the opposite ideas. The other organization technique is called alternating. Here, you provide both evidences and objections for each point and then move to other aspects of the problem.

When writing the argumentative essay, do not forget to consider the audience that you are writing to. Consider its opinions and then carefully point by point communicate you idea. If the audience has completely opposite opinion then your arguments should be strong enough to prove your point, however if the audience has no concrete opinion concerning the topic it is much easier to explain your reasoning.

Finally, when checking your work, look at it critically. It is hard, but while reading consider it to be not your work, but someone else. Read it like if you have never seen it before. If while reading you believe in what you read and trust the evidences that are provided there, then you have completed the essay properly; but if you have doubt about something, read again and try to understand what makes you worried.

Only through scrutinizing and rereading the work you wrote time and again you will be able to make it professional, containing more valuable information and well structured. This is the way to brilliant writing and the only way to make your professor happy.

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