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Writing at Masters Level

Being a graduate student is difficult, and expectations are higher. Don’t disappoint your advisors, follow these four easy hints to improve your writing level:

Read high level works

What you read shapes how you write. Read the work of fellow graduate students. Read scholarly articles and books. Even read classical fiction that is challenging for you. By seeing how other scholars and writers build their sentences, present their arguments, and choose their words, you can imitate styles you enjoy and avoid styles you find difficult to understand.

Write like you speak

Many advanced students feel the urge to write in grandiose and overly intellectualized styles. The result is a paper with a poorly presented argument and poor word choice. Instead, write your paper just how you would explain it to a friend. Make simple arguments. Use simple language. Be clear and concise. Later, when editing, you can use a thesaurus to add more vocabulary or introduce new jargon. But start with that foundation of a clear, solid argument, and your reader will understand your work and ultimately agree with your scholarship. A smart writer makes his audience smarter, and doesn’t try to overwhelm them with his intellect.

Use more sources

Whatever the minimum number of required sources is, ignore that. Read more. Cite more. Quote more. Paraphrase more. Being well read is the secret to writing a top-level paper. Show your audience that you are knowledgeable by showing that you have read all the major authors and scholars on this particular subject, do not be afraid to have a long bibliography, it shows you have worked hard and know your subject.

Know the arguments against you before your audience does

When presenting an argument, know the counter-arguments like master essays level.Think how a reader might dispute your claims. Look for flaws in your argument. Be prepared. Mention why the counter-argument would be wrong, and why you are correct. If a major scholar presents a different argument, then present their argument in your paper, and show its weaknesses. Admitting that there are other ideas besides your own is not a weakness; rather, it shows you are knowledgeable and that you have already taken these ideas into account. You will sound more professional as you refute these ideas rather than just leaving your audience to wonder.

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