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Writing the body of an essay

Basically each essay consists of three structural features such as the introduction, the body of an essay and the conclusion. All together the accurate writing of these components shapes a clear, well-organized and informative essay. A solid structure is the key point to successful essay. The body discloses the topic of the essay giving specific arguments that illustrate the vision of the writer concerning discussed subject. All arguments are supposed to be lined in an appropriate way according to the essay plan. They should provide evidence of the writer’s own understanding and position on the chosen topic. It is mostly important that your essay is based on facts.

Recommendations on structuring the body paragraphs:

In order to organize the essay correctly it is best to start with writing down the main ideas to the given topic in a sentence form. Distinguish the key points in each sentence. Each sentence must indicate a new paragraph through expressing, describing, explaining, discussing and what is most important analyzing your opinion concerning each point in the following sentences. It is recommended to make a summary sentence at the end of each paragraph to make paragraphs sound complete. By using authentic facts, proper examples and details you will make the essay clear and convincing. Your evidences are supposed to be independent thoughts as well as the examples up-to-date.

Each paragraph ought to contain a mini thesis, one or several complete and clear topic sentences describing the ideas revealed, and a mini conclusion, which finalizes the paragraph (look here and here).

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