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5 Youtube Vloggers That Will Teach You How to Study

youtube educationHave you ever thought about an older student mentoring you through the studies? If you haven’t met such a person yet, you can find one on YouTube. You can subscribe to one of the popular student vloggers and get first-hand studying tips from them. They will share their own experience of being a student and provide you with the necessary tricks to deal with various assignments in the situations when you’re short of time. We’ve picked 5 YouTube channels below. You can check out all of them or pick one vlogger and stick with him or her.

1. Study with Jess

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6odItDlW8zI

Jess, an Australian-based vlogger, has 76,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. In her bio, she mentions that she studies Psychology, is “obsessed with yoga and business,” and that she can help her viewers become more effective in their studies. In her videos, she gives tips on how to better organize time or how to beat procrastination, how to learn a foreign language, or how to process information faster. If you can’t find a tip on something in particular, you can contact Jess via the comments on her channel, one of her email addresses, or by writing her a real paper letter — she’s provided her home address and her About page as well.

2. Ana Mascara

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9MIjLPrhdc

Ana Mascara states that her mission is to make the studies fun. A Romanian-born vlogger from Canada with over 3,500 subscribers says that she had to deal with her studies on her own, which is why she wants to share her experience with fellow students around the world. Apart from tips on taking tests, getting the most of textbooks, and listening to boring lectures, Ana also talks about her favorite books, modelling, and many other things. She also has a psychology-themed playlist where she talks about things like overcoming fears and sadness.

3. Jane & Jady

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7Dgodvj7Uw

You will find this vlog useful especially if you are studying in med school. Jane and Jady are ready to take you through the typical life of a medical student in the US. In their videos, they are mostly talking about things, driving a car, attending lectures, or traveling. They also have a playlist with school-related videos where they share their experience of, for example, having four exams in one day. They have over 15 thousand subscribers.

4. Clarissa

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13F1G7exfOo

Clarissa started her YouTube channel 6 years ago. At first, it was a beauty-and-health blog, and then she added some great college-related videos on studying tips and the student life. Clarissa has over 5,000 subscribers, and you can join too if you want to get useful tips on different things from writing an essay to eating healthily on budget.

5. College Info Geek

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib98J80AUNs

Thomas Frank has nearly 180,000 subscribers, and he majored in Management Information Systems. He has been active on YouTube for a year, and before that, he wrote a college-related blog. Thomas’ channel is both helpful and entertaining, and you will find it useful in battling procrastination or studying more effectively.

Here are only 5 vloggers that will help you with your studies. There are more of them on YouTube who are also worth watching. Hopefully, you’ll find your personal mentor among them who will help you to be a happier and more successful student.

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