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20 Essay Topics about Love for the Most Non-Relevant Subjects

Love is one of the most beautiful things around. This feeling of attachment brings people together and helps them conquer some of the life’s challenges. Life can get really boring when you are all alone, and it may even lead to depression and other physiological issues. But if you are with a person you love, even the most boring activities turn to be fun and enjoyable. A walk in the park becomes an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors together. Those boring nights turn to be a chance to bond and plan for the future.  When you have to write an essay on love, all you have to do is to highlight the power in making people’s lives better and worthwhile. But what if you have to write in fields that are not usually related to love such as economics and law. This can be quite challenging and to help you with that, here are 20 essay topics about love in different niches. Read further and pick the right topic for your upcoming essay.

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  1. Spending for Affection: Valentine’s Day Phenomenon
  2. Spending Habits in Marriage: Who Is the Spendthrift in Your Union?
  3. Debt Management for Couples: Should Couples Service a Debt Together or Separately?
  4. Asset Management and Ownership for Couples. At What Point Do Your Partner’s Assets Become Your Own
  5. The Economics of Divorce: Who Gets What When a Couple Breaks Up?


  1. Ensuring Fairness in Divorce: The Division of Assets and Finances in Divorce
  2. Marriage and the Law: The Legal Responsibilities of Couples in Marriage
  3. Are You Cohabiting with Your Partner?  What the Law Says about Cohabiting
  4. Appealing a Divorce: Seeking Fairness as You Terminate Your Union
  5. Domestic Violence in Marriage: How the Law Protects You From Physical and Emotional Harm in Your Marriage

Information Technology

  1. Technology and Love: Finding Love Online
  2. Amazing Apps That Will Help Connect You to the Love of Your Life
  3. Online Dating: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology in Dating
  4. Fake Love: Why Online Dating Is Not the Best Way to Find Love
  5. Scams Online: How to Protect Yourself When Using Online Dating Apps


  1. Love at First Sight: Tell a Tale Signs That He or She Is Your Soulmate
  2. The Chemistry of Love: What Is This Thing Called Love
  3. Love and Lust: Can the Two Exist Together
  4. The Different Ways to Love Your Partner: The Emotional Availability and Support
  5. Physical Attraction: Is That Love or Lust?

There is more to love than just the fun bits associated with it, and sometimes, your professors may ask you to draft an essay on the issues that are not usually related to love and relations such as the economics of love and what the law says about your marriage. When it happens, the above-mentioned tips will come in handy. Pick a topic and get down to drafting right away.

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