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Essay Writing Rubric High School: 5 Main Traits Your Paper Will Be Graded For

As a student, you will have to write several essays before you graduate. In fact, your professor may demand that you write descriptive essays for each topic he or she introduces in class. This may sound unfair, but you still have to write and submit your essays at the end of the day to be able to pass your course. The score for the essays will be used to calculate your overall grade and this makes delivering top-quality papers very important if you want to graduate with good grades. There are a few things that lecturers look at when marking and grading your academic papers. Knowledge of the things that they at look when grading your essays will help you better structure your papers; here is the essay writing rubric high school professors make use of.

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1.  Focus and Details

You will be highly-graded if your essay is built around a clear and focused topic with the topic supported by accurate and relevant information. The less clear your topic is, the poorer your score will be. Other than a clear and focused topic, your arguments for or against this issue have to be accurate and relevant. Relevancy is very important as you write your essay, and you will be penalized when it emerges that your paper is full of irrelevant information. You should also not write just for the sake of attaining the desired word count. Every sentence in your paper should contain valuable information on the paper’s subject matter.

2.  Organization

You will be highly-graded when your paper is organized properly. Organization in essay writing goes deeper than the arrangement of the paragraphs in your paper. It, actually, encompasses the flow of ideas in your essay. An essay should be divided into three parts which include the introduction, the body of the essay, and the conclusion. The introduction should introduce the essay by stating the topic and giving an overview. The body discusses these main issues, and the conclusion summarizes things up. Your paper should be organized properly so that these sections transit smoothly and in a logical manner.

3.  Voice

Voice in an essay highlights a writer’s ability to relate to his or her audience. Depending on the subject matter, a writer can choose to support or criticize the issue at hand, and your ability to do this effectively will determine whether you will be highly-graded for your essay or not.

4.  Word Choice

The words you use when writing your essay are very important and you should, therefore, strive to use them correctly to gain high marks for your essays. Don’t use words repetitively as this makes your text plain and boring. You should instead replace words with their synonyms to make your writing pleasant to read.

5.  Grammar and Sentence Structure

You will also be rated on your grammar and the structure of the sentences in your essay. Your sentences should be of varying lengths and your text should not contain grammar errors.

Most professors rely on the above-mentioned rubric when grading essays. Use these tips when writing your essay to present the best possible results.

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