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20 Optional Bachelor Studies You Will Be Suggested to Attend in a College

For every college program, no matter which one you enter, there are classes that you must take in order to complete it. This is a must. However, there are also some optional classes you can take in order to fulfill the credit requirement needed to graduate.

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These class choices are completely up to you. There are many fun and interesting classes where you can explore your personal interests, or try something that you think you might be interested in. It’s a perfect opportunity to take a break from your normal bachelor studies. This isn’t to say that you don’t need to study hard and try your best, but you can have lots of fun doing it.

Here we will explore the different and most popular options you may have at your college that are optional to take. Have fun sifting through all the variants!

1. Music

Guitar, piano, vocals, drums, you name it! There are infinite types of music classes that are most likely offered at your college.

2. Personal Fitness

Wanting to get in shape? Or maybe you like working out? It may be hard to believe, but you can get college credit for taking a fitness class! There are different classes according to your liking and it’s a great way to meet new people.

3. Technology

Technology is a very useful field in today’s modern age. It’s worth looking into as an elective.

4. Foreign Language

Most colleges may require a foreign language, but why not go above and beyond the requirements? Advance your current level or try something new.

5. Creative Writing

Taking a creative writing class will help you with writing skills in general and is a good expressive outlet.

6. Film Production

This course is good if you have ever been interested in how films are made. You don’t have to want a career in the field to take it, just do it out of curiosity!

7. Performing Arts

Acting and more will be explored here.

8. Science

Not all sciences have to be complicated and a bit dry. Studies like zoology and oceanography will surely peak your interest.

9. Mythology

Learn all about the fables and folklore from ancient civilizations, and current ones, too.

10. Psychology

Interested in the workings of the mind? This one is for you.

11. Visual Arts

Painting, sculpting, sketching, and more, or a bit of all in one introductory class. It is your call!

12. Woodworking

Exactly as it sounds. Get in tune with your creative side.

13. Cosmetology

Learn about hair and makeup in a formal setting. You may want to change your major after this one, so be aware!

14. Auto Body Repair

An auto body repair or an auto mechanics class is very practical and may no doubt come in handy at some point in the future.

15. Art History

History enthusiasts and buffs will love the opportunity to explore different topics within history.

16. Current Events

Every citizen should be well informed of what’s happening in the world around them, and this is the perfect way to do it.

17. Botany

Plant lovers rejoice!

18. Family Studies

There’s a lot to be said for a family studies class. It’s not a course many have heard of before.

19. Business

An intro to business class is a great way to continue receiving a well-rounded education.

20. Culinary Arts

Who doesn’t love food? Learn the skills to make some amazing dishes in this practical elective option.

As you can see the list of optional studies is quite long and it is not still completed. Ask your professor to provide you with the full list of extra studies so you can choose what you like most. Enjoy your college life and do not forget about hobbies, too.

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