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5 Flubs to Make Sure You Have Created a Bad Credit Report

A credit report is an important and necessary part of almost everyone’s life. Creating a good report will only lead to good things, so the last thing you want to do is to create a bad one. Unfortunately, bad writing happens all the time. If you have made the mistakes listed below, you may be sure that you have created a bad credit report. Is that what you really want?


1.  Date on the Right Side

Putting the date on the right side of the paper, instead of the left where it is supposed to be, will help you get a poor mark. Make sure that all introductory information like the date is on the correct side – on the left – or you’ll be sorry!

2.  Informal Style

Don’t want to be taken seriously? Use informal language in your report. Reports are meant to be serious. If you don’t use formal and academic language, it won’t do any good for you, and you will end up handing in a poor paper. If it is the thing you really want, write informally, use the first and second person, add some slang for good measure. But if you want to produce a professional piece, make sure the style of the paper is formal!

3.  Address to the Wrong Person

Aren’t you worried about your audience? No big deal! We are sure, it won’t matter a lot. Why would it be important that you address the paper to the people who actually should read it? It doesn’t make a difference if you are writing to the world’s top scientists studying a major virus cure or to women concerned about their weight. They are exactly the same! If you still think so, you are wrong! As with anything written, you need to know who your reader is, so you are useful for them. Make sure you have determined the target reader beforehand, and the whole paper is addressed to them.

4.  No Facts

Sure, facts are not included in BAD credit reports. A report is usually a paper informing of someone’s findings with some supported research, but why bother? The claims you make in the report don’t need any backing to prove you are credible. People should just take your word for it! No fancy stats or academic resources needed! It would be great if it is true, but still, no one will trust you if you do not provide some strong evidence.!

5.  Lots of Mistakes

Another surefire way to flub is to not proofread or edit your report. What you have written the first time around is sure to be good enough. Even the most skilled writers go back and make sure whether the material they have written makes sense and is free of errors.

Follow these flubs and you’ll practically guarantee a written report that will be either ignored by everyone or failed. It’s not impossible to write a good report, but if you want to attempt one, we’re sure you’ve figured out by now that you need to do the opposite of what’s above, or you can get some help from a writing service. These services don’t have to be expensive if you know where to look and do your research right. Best of luck!

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