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7 Troublous Questions for a Research Paper in Chemistry to Disclose These Days

There are so many questions to answer that are related to chemistry. All are fascinating that will lead to insights into how the elements of the world work around us. In order to write an interesting research paper, the most up to date topics must be chosen to write about.

Topics and questions for a research paper within the subject of chemistry are listed below. We have provided these with the intention of showing you the most recent research projects in the field so that you can write an awesome and modern paper.

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1. The Relationship Between Photons and Physical Chemistry

New discoveries within this topic will lead to better solutions for light energy conservation and storage. Sub-femtosecond time resolution and nanometer space resolution contribute to the ability to explore optical effects.

2. Escherichia Coli

More commonly known as E. coli, Escherichia coli is a bacteria that causes infection through food poisoning. As the most widely studied prokaryotic model organism over the past 60 years, there is no shortage of ground-breaking research about this chemoheterotroph.

3. Emissions of Chemicals into the Atmosphere

Researching questions such as exactly how much chemical substances are being released into the air, what we can do about it, and how it affects our environment is an ongoing and compelling debate. How chemical properties and chemical processes affect the Earth’s climate is a worthy point to write about.

4. Counting Calories

Calories are always a hot topic in the health world and beyond. Although the concept may seem simple on the surface, counting calories is anything but it goes much deeper than the 2,000-calorie diet. What’s the science behind it?

5. Open Access (OA) Movement

Questions for a research paper within the chemistry field don’t always have to be scientific. They can also be related to the industry in general. Take the ‘open access’ for example. Open access is the free usage of published research and material. It can be applied to many disciplines, but why is it important in the chemistry field?

6. Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry had some great impact on the development of ionization techniques. The technique of mass spectrometry itself is based on the separation of ions of different m/z.

7. Thermoelectric Materials

Clean and alternative energy sources are all the rave these days, and anything that helps us pursue that avenue is popular. By converting heat energy into electric energy and vice versa, thermoelectric materials are worth looking into. You can explore how they work and how exactly they can be best utilized.

These 7 topics with embedded questions are perfect for any research paper. They will lead to a well-informed and developed paper that people will be interested in if done right. Make sure you fully explore the overarching theme, as well as get down to the specifics to create an awesome paper that will answers some of those troublous questions everyone seems to have.

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