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A 300 Word Essay Example on Conflict Management Strategies

couple fightWhen writing a 300 word essay, every word and thought counts. These essays are helpful to practice making a clear, concise point about a topic. You may be expected to write an essay in as little as 300 words in order to show your understanding of a topic and practice your communication skills. Below, you’ll see an excellent example of a 300 word essay to help you get started.

Conflict Management Strategies – Which Strategies Keep the Peace?

Frustration, anger and misunderstandings come up in almost all relationships, whether personal or business related. There are a number of conflict management strategies that can be used to manage these difficult situations – some helpful and some not so much. The three best conflict management strategies respect and value both parties involved, leading to stronger and more positive relationships.

The first strategy is active listening. This strategy encourages both parties to listen more carefully and sincerely. Each party is expected to repeat back to the other what they understood from what was said. This simple change in the way the conflict is discussed allows both parties to be heard with respect and care. By hearing each other sincerely, the parties grow into a clearer understanding of the other’s needs, increasing the respect they have for one another.

Using “I – messages” is another helpful communication tool when experiencing conflict. In this strategy, both parties take responsibility for their feelings and communicate how they are feeling to the other party. This strategy can diffuse the tension and avoids defensive language.

Finally, mediation can be a helpful strategy when tensions are too high for the parties involved to manage the conflict on their own. By seeking the help of a mediator, both parties commit to searching for a solution. The mediator can often help make sure both parties are given equal time to speak and point out the issues causing the tension. Through the mediation process, a compromise can often be made.

These three strategies help those experiencing conflict to communicate effectively, leading to respect and understanding. Often, the process in conflict management is just as important as reaching an acceptable solution. By focusing on listening, taking responsibility for feelings and using mediation when necessary, the majority of conflicts can be resolved in a way that preserves mutual respect between the parties involved.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Writing your own 300 word essay? Get started keeping in mind that organization is the key to a successful, short essay. An introduction, conclusion and a few concise points are the recipe for a great essay.

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