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5 Up-to-the-Point Articles on Climate Change You Can Easily Make Use of in Your Writing

There has been a constant debate on the climate change. Lots of talks have emanated from this debate about the devastating effects, causes, and ways to tackle this global issue. This topic has seeped into classrooms where students are asked to join in the debate.


Students are asked to write essays regarding this issue. Most of them know the type of paper, the format they need to write their claims in, but they lack the sources where they can get facts to support their assertion. This is because most articles on climate change on the web are not well-written or written by unreliable authors. Some contain irrelevant and outdated details. With these, students find it challenging to find out good articles on climate change.

In this post, we are going to look at some sources you can consult when writing your essay on climate change.

1. Climate Change Not As Threatening To Planet as Previously Thought, New Research Suggests

This article on climate change was written and published on the Telegraph website. It highlights the findings of a research by scientists on the immediate effect of climate change. The research by British scientists states that the world is getting warmed less quickly than speculated. This would give the world enough time to come up with solutions to hinder its devastating effects. This article should be read to find out more revelations about the climate change.

2. Global Warming Solutions

This article on climate change was published by National Geographic and highlights that climate change is humanly caused and has a solution. It states that it is caused by greenhouse gases, and the world has to reduce the usage of technologies using greenhouse gases. It suggests that alternative sources of energy should be applied.

3. Climate Change: The Case of the Missing Heat

This article contained at Nature.com discusses the contributions the wind, emissions, and oceans make to the effect of climate change. It was speculated by scientists that the global temperature would rise anytime soon.

4. Americans Finally Realize That We Cause Climate Change

Huffington Post has published an article on climate change which discusses the recent acknowledgment that climate change is human-induced by Americans.

5. Tropical Lowland Frogs at Greater Risk from Climate Warming Than High-Elevation Species, Study Shows

The centerpiece of this article is the risks certain species of frogs is posed to be subjected to by the effects of climate change. This happens because the lowland creatures live in a region where the temperature is extreme to tolerate.

These are the list of sources where you can get reliable information on climate change. Do not turn to sources presented by unknown authors, websites, or blogs that are based on posting anything to make high pitches. Choose websites that have enough evidence to support their claims.

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