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5 Speech Writing Courses in the USA That Suit Every Taste and Budget

Becoming a dab hand at speech writing has to do with right guidance. A well-written speech has a lot of impacts while a poorly-written one has little or no influence at all. In the USA, there are so many platforms on the Internet offering speech writing courses at cheap and budget-friendly prices.

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These sites will guide you on how to write speeches that will stimulate your audience’s emotion, shape their opinion and give you the desired result. Are you looking for an online platform in the USA where to learn speech writing? Here is a list of universities that offer cheap courses on speech writing.

1. M.A in English and Communication

This program offered by the University of New York at Potsdam is intended for scholars of rhetoric, literature, speech composition, linguists, and more. A comprehensive and extensive approach is utilized in passing the basic knowledge of the art of speechwriting to learners. This program that costs over $20, 000 focuses on various languages and encourages students to develop their skills of speech writing, speaking, and reading.

2. Speech Writing Course at Global Speech Writer

This is an online course which offers one-on-one for just 10 weeks. The basics of speech writing, how it works in the world and various other vital details about speech writing. This 10-week course costs $2,000. The teaching is done by a certified and professional speech writer.

3. Bachelor of Arts in Speech with Teaching Certification

In this course, students are taught the various ways in which the art of speech can be used in making effective communication. Students can use their enhanced skill in the media, such as journalism, radio, television, newspapers, film documentaries, theatres and art, and some other fields. The tuition fee is $13, 9502 per year.

4. MFA in Speech Writing

MFA in speech writing offers a student to learn and enhance speech writing ability utilizing the eclectic and literary scenery of the University of San Francisco. This program was founded in 1986 with the sole objective of aspiring writers to become the best in the world of writers. This is done by equipping them with the intimate knowledge bordering on writing. It is a two-year program with seminars and workshops included. The fee is about $15,000.

5. Writing and Rhetoric at Dartmouth College

At Dartmouth College, this speech writing course which involves the component of speech and other forms of communication is touched. This course and other courses are designed to help improve the student’s confidence and skills in becoming effective communicators through speech writing. The tuition fee is $18,000  per year.

These are some of the speech writing courses that you can find in the United States of America. You can apply for any that suits your needs and budget and get the needed knowledge about speech writing.

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