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20 Simple Presentation Topics on the US History That Will Grab the Undivided Attention

History classes usually turn out to be a jumble of dates, years, and odd names of people that died several years ago. Irrespective of this, writing about history is inevitable. When it comes to choosing presentation topics on the history of the United States, a lot of students are often clueless.

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Even though some students find this quite easy to do, however, others find it simply boring and complicated. They become confused, with no idea of where to start from. For this reason, it is very important to choose a topic that is thought-provoking, and interesting to write about. Below are some simple presentation topics on the history of the USA that will grab undivided attention

  1. Native Americans: The Impact of the European Colonization on the Native Americans?
  2. The Primary Causes of the American Revolution: The Common Sense Role of Thomas Paine in Promoting the Movement for Independence?
  3. Pre-Civil War Conflicts Over Slavery: What Caused Them? What Were the Effects of the Nat Turner Rebellion?
  4. Native American Conflicts in the West: What Were the Causes and Effects of the Battle of the Little Bighorn?
  5. Child Labor in The Late 1800s and Early 1900s: How Did It Affect the Society? How Were Reforms Carried Out?
  6. The 1930s Dust Bowl: The Causes and Effects
  7. Manhattan Project: Why Was It Made a Matter of Secrecy? What Were the Methods Used?
  8. The Bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki During the World War II: Was It Actually Necessary?
  9. Evaluate the Presidency of JFK: Was It an Effective Presidentship or Simply a Nostalgy?
  10. World War II: What Was the Influence of the Propaganda and Its Use in the United States?
  11. Kent State Shootings: What Are the Contributing Factors?
  12. Sept. 11, 2001, Attacks: How Was American Security Policies Affected by the Attack? How Was U.S. Foreign Policy Impacted? How Did It Impact The Views of Americans about Islam?
  13. The Cold War: Why and How Did It Originate and What Were the Impacts on the Foreign Policy of the USA?
  14. Vietnam War: How Did the US Get Involved?
  15. The 1960s Civil Rights Movement: Evaluate the Tactics and Accomplishments
  16.  U-2 Incident: How Did This Affect US-Soviet Relations?
  17. Yellow Journalism: What Was the Role In Instigating the Spanish-American War?
  18. Germany’s Antagonism to the Iraq War: How Did This Affect The Relationship Between the USA and Germany?
  19. The Wilsonian Impulse: The US Foreign Policies, the Alliance, and Unification of Germany
  20. The 1920’S Anglo-American Relations: The Struggle for Supremacy

The successful essay paper on the US history usually depends on the writer’s skills as well as the chosen topic. Always go for an interesting topic, and ensure that you do not bore your audience with dull issues. Above are some topic ideas to begin with.

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