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The Art of Creative Writing by Lajos Egri: 4 Main Points You Have to Keep in Mind

The art of creative writing is a well-known and long-practiced activity amongst students in schools. It can be one of the most difficult topics to learn. Of course, creative writing skills are needed in all kinds of papers, but today we are going to talk about non-scientific ones. When learning creative writing, students should infuse the following characteristics into their stories:

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1. Emotion

One of the aims of a creative writer is to stimulate the emotions of the readers. Your writing should be compelling enough to give an immersive experience to your readers. The characters have to appear real.

Your readers should be able to show empathy to the characters. They should be put into the state of mind of imagining what could happen to them if they were the characters. For this to take place, you have to subject the characters to emotions that the audience can easily relate to such as love, hatred, agony, fear, humiliation, etc.

Before you could achieve this feat, you should be able to get identified with your characters. You have to know them emotionally. Look around the world, the emotionally-attached events unfold every day. Among them famine and other loving or horrific happenings.

This emotion has to be accompanied by suspense. Suspense and emotion are two inextricable qualities of creative writing. One cannot do without the other.

2. Character Improvisation

There are situations where you could have little or no knowledge regarding the character(s) of your writing. Due to the fact that characters of your story have to be interrelated, it is necessary to acclimatize yourself to the characters. Get to be an alter ego of the real-life character, ask questions, and gather the needed details. This way, you don’t have to balk at the idea of working on a character that you are not familiar with. Many creative writers are successful by merely being keen observers.

3. Source for Ideas

Writing ideas don’t just fall from the sky. Upcoming writers typically wonder where creative writers get their unending ideas from. The answer to this seeming quandary is quite simple; good writers get their ideas from characters. Characters are the backbone of a story and not an idea or a vivid imagination. The characters have to be lifelike for, example, a fruit, a policeman, teacher, etc. When the character isn’t original, the writer will tend to experience the writer’s block. This is, perhaps, because it lacks enough information. A writer should strive to get enough details about a character. Don’t make the selected character have a single trait, make it appear ambiguous while also allowing this ambiguity centering on its major characteristic. This will make the story more compulsive.

4. Role Creation

Each character must be assigned a role. They should have specified roles to play in the story. The story may be based on hate, love, cruelty with each character playing a part in dousing or fuelling the emotion associated with the story. Whatsoever the role assigned to the character, there should be the protagonist and the antagonist. A protagonist proposes while an antagonist opposes. Most stories will not be complete without these forms of characters.

There you have it! The following are the important thing the creative writer should keep in mind while writing. By following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to create a compelling story.

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