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5 Things in Your Blog That Repel Customers

1. Praises of Yourself

That’s a widespread error almost all writers make. “I am the only professional writer who can deliver outstanding papers in psychology”. This kind of messages has swept the space. Self-confidence is a nice feature to have for freelance writers, but one should feel the limits.

What to Do: Prove that you’re #1 by nice writing, interesting and intriguing ideas, and solid knowledgebase. Remember: actions speak louder than words.

2. Abandoned Blog

One blog post written at the dawn of your presence at ThePensters is not an indicator of an active and productive writer. Imagine you’re a potential customer who looks through your profile and sees a couple of outdated blog posts. What image do you get as a freelance writer? It’ll hardly be positive.

What to Do: Write consistently. Write a new blog post once a month the least. Get your blog updated and your database of customers will soon be renewed as well.

3. 0 “Likes” or Comments

If a post doesn’t have a single ranking mark or a comment, it looks lonely and unattended. If there’s a lively discussion around it, the post attracts attention of even a bigger audience.

What to Do:

  • share your blog posts in social networks;
  • invite your friends to visit and comment;
  • ask your customers leave a feedback.

4. Mistakes

A blog is your writing face. If you have gross blunders in your writing, there’s no wonder why customers refuse your services.

What to Do: Double-check that your writing is of proper quality before and after you publish your post. We often don’t notice mistakes in our own writing, while others notice them at once. That’s why ask someone from outside to have a look at your writing.

5. Custom Works of Your Previous Customers

It’s a violation of the agreement with the writing agency and, what’s more important, with the customer. This way you discredit yourself.

What to Do: By no means are you allowed posting completed projects of your customers. However, you are most welcome to post samples of your own writing. Publish only your own authentic works. And good luck!

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