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Summer. The Writing Heat is Off. Prepare for the Next Season

summer writingYou might have noticed that the number of orders is heading down. It’s nothing out of the ordinary – the studying year is over. Surely, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have nothing to do the upcoming 2 months. Surely, not! Below we offer 6 great ideas how you can spend summer with a benefit.

1. Have rest

You’ve deserved it. A couple of weeks will surely relieve the tension, let your head wander in the dream island, revive your imagination, let your brain digest the accumulated knowledge and skills. Have a lot of sleep, physical activity and communication.

You will never get physical results of rest, but it will definitely repay you in full next fall.

2. Think over the blog posts

When you are working on one of your projects, and simultaneously trying to bid on other projects, it’s quite difficult to allocate some time to write a blog post. Not only writing takes time, but also the efforts to come up with a decent topic. Usually, writers end up with a poorly written blog post, which normally has a negative effect rather than positive.

So, to avoid such situations, think over the blog posts in advance. Make up a rough plan and prepare up to 5 posts, which you will be posting from time to time.

3. Educate yourself

The world undergoes changes day after day. The knowledge mass adds up every single minute. It’s getting harder and harder to keep up. But you’ve got summer. It’s the perfect time! Read! Research! Analyze!

Pick up the subject areas you are interested in, the ones you believe will be trendy next season. This will definitely add up some value to your writer’s profile.

4. Arrange all the mess

Cluttered desk, cluttered disk C, lots of mess in your head. It’s time to clean up. Do spend several hours (or even days) sorting out the folders in your PC, papers all over your desk and thoughts all over your head. Once the territory is clean, you will be ready to absorb new knowledge and produce new masterpieces.

5. Analyze your writing

Once everything is sorted out, it’s time to look through your writings. This time look at it skeptically, meticulously and tough. Don’t spare yourself! Criticize and make conclusions.

6. Update your ThePensters profile

Surely, you have some new writing samples or skills added since the last time you modified your profile. Do update your profile with the achievements of the past. Style it up and be ready for a bulk of new orders next season!

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