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SEO Instructions to Blog Posting + BONUS!

SEO Instructions to Blog Posting + BONUS!

As repeatedly mentioned in our previous posts (this one including), blogging is one of the most essential skills and activities required for successful promotion among customers. For example, blogging helps you remain in the limelight and show your expertise.

It’s great, if you are already heavily exploiting this feature for self PR. But are you doing it right?

Today we offer short and simple SEO guidelines. Only 3 steps that can dramatically change your ranking and position!

1. Keep Your Title Simple and Short. 5 Words Will Do

“Crestfield Furniture Industries. INC: Allocation of the communication budget analysis report.” Perhaps this is very relevant and subject-related title. But, come on, it’s too long. Try to present the topic from another angle and in a much shorter manner. As a prolific writer, you are sure to find the way out.

And know why you need a short title? Every time you enter a long title, a long link to your blog post is generated. And search engines don’t like long links, short ones are much more preferable. So why miss the opportunity?

PS. Do not forget to capitalize at least the first letter of the first word in the title. Such details say a lot about your writing.

2. Color Your Writing: Add Images

It’s been proved by multiple studies that “text+image” formula has a much bigger perception rate among readers than simple text. With images you spice up the information, attract attention and simply make the text more interesting and beautiful to read. The same thing with search engines: they love interesting texts!

To add image into the blog post:

  • go to Images tab;
  • upload the image;
  • after the upload, copy the generated URL;
  • go back to Post Details tab;
  • click Image Properties icon;
  • insert the URL.

3. Do a Bit of Formatting

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” As John Wooden said.

Search engines also pay attention to every single detail presented in your blog post. And if you do formatting right your post is more likely to be noticed by the almighty search engines and, thus, ranked higher.


  • put key ideas and keywords in bold;
  • use lists;
  • write subtitles.

You might have noticed that we often use this approach in our own posts. And not only to make the posts more readable for search engines, but for you as well. When the information is nicely structured and formatted, the reader’s eyes comprehend it much more easily.


Search engines love, and simply can’t live without keywords. Thus you need to feed them with selling keywords! But do you know which keywords sell in our business? We do! And we are ready to share!

Below are the patterns you can use safely in your blog posts:

  • “custom + PAPER TYPE”(e.g. custom essays, custom research paper, etc.)
  • “buy/order/pay for + PAPER TYPE” ( e.g. buy thesis, order term paper, pay for dissertation, etc.)
  • “SUBJECT + PAPER TYPE” (e.g. management essay, economics term paper, etc.)
  • “PAPER TYPE + on + TOPIC”(e.g. essay on abortion,argumentative essay on gas prices, etc.)

How to use keywords? It’s simple as well:

  • use 1 (!!!) keyword pattern for 1 blog post;
  • mention this keyword pattern twice per post, but not too often;
  • interchange the keyword patterns from post to post.

Hope, it got a bit clearer to you. If you have some questions, leave them below in comments and we shall help you out!

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