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7 Bidding Tips to Finally Win a Project on ThePensters

how to win a bidWith the fierce competition on ThePensters, lots of our freelance writers rack their brain as to how finally win the project and show all their writing and academic prowess.

We are to help all writers have their fair share of orders. Thus, today we offer some bidding tips that will help you make the very first steps with the order right.

1. Study the order description carefully. The customer must feel from the very beginning that you are well aware of the subject matter. Do indicate that you’ve worked on this topic before, if you did indeed.

2. Write custom project-based bidding comments. Your customers expect personal treatment and careful work on the project, not superficial attitude. Copy-pasted comments for all projects will not do you justice.

3. It’s also advisable to include into your bidding comment some part of writer’s order. In other words, speak the same language with the customer. This way he will feel the bond with you and get the feeling that you’ve studied the project.

4. Make sure that your bidding comment is clear, concise, yet rather informative. Include the most important message only. Too many words are likely to be skipped. You don’t want that, right?

5. State your terms clearly. Based on the project description, be as precise as possible in stating exactly what you’ll deliver, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to accomplish. With such information included, you create an image of a confident writer who’s got the necessary experience.

6. Be competitive with your pricing. But this doesn’t mean that you must be the lowest bidder. Some customers are willing to pay above average prices, others are looking for lower prices. The choice is all up to you. Our advice is: if you’re new on the website, then you might consider establishing your reputation with some lower prices (but first-rate quality!!!).

7. Last, but certainly not least in our area, proofread your bid! Check that it’s written clearly, without misspellings and grammar mistakes. Writing drawbacks in the bidding comment will expose your lack of interest in the project. Moreover, the customer is more likely to doubt your writing skills, after he sees your poorly delivered bid.

Below we offer some bidding samples. Study them and compare with your own bidding comments.

Bad example: Kindly assign me the order.

So-so example: I can present an articulate, coherent and well-presented new commentary essay.

Good example: After viewing your order, I confirm that I can demonstrate adequate understanding of the topic, effective research skills and the ability to express your ideas and knowledge in the form of a well reasoned and argued essay. Looking forward on working on this interesting project.

Excellent example: Hi! Game theory is one of my interest areas. I already have several creative ideas to help customers decide whether to buy life insurance or not, and will be happy to share them in your essay. Promise to have all formatting and reference requirements will be followed to the dot.

Hope this helped you. Good luck with bidding!

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