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Ideas and Facts for Overpopulation Cause and Effect Essay

overpopulation essayOverpopulation is what everyone is babbling about all the time. One can easily add up this topic to such themes as the global warming, abortions and euthanasia. People worry about it and what we are concerned about the most is the best foundation for a professional piece of writing.

Let’s start our essay with a little bit of statistics. The world population has already hit 6.5 billion. Try to think and write on whether the world will be able to continue sustaining these terrifying numbers and suggest several ways on how to solve the global problem.

Problem 1. Make sure to mention the rapid increase of the number of the Earth’s inhabitants. The point is that if the population of the world continues to grow, our home planet won’t be able to sustain it and, as the result, the number of people will start decreasing.

Problem 2. The resources shortage is one of the factors that can end up life here, on the Earth. For example, if we run out of crops and water the apocalypse will be not long in coming!

Problem 3. High cost of living is what makes a lot of people suffer. The rules are simple: if you happen to have no money, you won’t be able to survive in the jungles of a big city. It’s recommended to give examples of several poor countries, where people die because they’ve got no basic resources (health care, food, water)!

Solution 1. Provide several reasonable suggestions to solve the overpopulation problem. Start with the increasing of the awareness of an average human being. The point is that every person living on the Earth is supposed to be fully aware of the fact that the lower population is, the higher living standards (such as education, food and health) are.

Solution 2. Mention the birth rate. When people realistically control the birth rate they will get an opportunity to be 100% certain that overpopulation problem won’t be that disastrous and will be solved.

To sum up what is mentioned above, do not forget to say that rapid increase in population is hanging over the world like the sword of Damocles and there is no one but us to deal with this problem.

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