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Advantages of advertising on your own!

Dear Writers,

I am glad to announce that again we re-structured the rules of this service a little bit and I would like to keep you updated and let you know some tips, which will help you attract customers.

First of all, the registration process doesn’t require a sample paper to be written and be evaluated by our editor, all you need to do is fill in the application form, upload samples for the customer and write at least one blog.

Secondly, I remind the main idea of this project is that writers advertise the web-site with their profiles themselves and make customers place orders here. The SEO department of the company doesn’t work with the web-site, but you do.

Here is the advantage of you advertising your profile:

  • you fill your profile and blogs with information about yourself, your experience, making in such a way customer be interested in you;
  • you specify the bid for the order and estimate your abilities;
  • you post the link to your profile for the customers and persuade them that you are a good writer and can complete a requested job qualitatively and in time – what makes customer ordering directly from YOU;
  • finally customer orders from you, and you become his/her favourite writer 🙂

See the next blog for the tips of how to advertise yourself in the Internet.

ThePensters.com Team

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