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SEO tips for Writers

Hello Everybody!

I am sure you would like to be busy with your favourite freelance job and be a requested writer for many orders. I will explain below how you may achieve this.

The main thing you should know is that Google, Yahoo or other search engines react on keywords, which customer types in when searches for the needed service. That’s why the place where you write information about yourself has to be filled with right keywords and has to be updated often, so that the search engines recognise your web-site/blog.

  • You should create a blog on the www.blogger.com and other web-sites.
  • This blog/web-site should become filled with the description of the services you provide, your qualities, characteristics, persuasive posts about your experience and why you are the best writer. All of this should contain needed keywords and of course link to your profile on thepensters.com, by following which customer may place an order.
  • Then you also post examples of your papers (parts of them) with keywords (remember not to post the orders already paid by customers, since it’s already their property!). In order for the blog to be active you should post something as often as possible (on a daily basis, once in 2-3 days, weekly).
  • Create accounts in social networks (facebook, twitter, etc) where you can tell about yourself and give links to your blogs, add students to friends, so that they will see you and know that you are providing such services. Create groups and communities, invite potential customers, tell about yourself.
  • Create account on different educational forums or other places where potential customers (students) communicate and advertise your services to them. You can also create your own threads and topics and tell about yourself. But be careful not to spam, as forums will ban such accounts.

After this is done during some time, customers will start seeing our web-site, ThePensters.com, and placing orders here.
Moreover, it’s a great chance for you to gain permanent customers. Remember that everything depends on the quality of the work you provide.
Statistics says, 1 satisfied customer will go and tell 5 friends about the service/product he/she liked, but dissatisfied customer tells 9 friends how bad it was! So it’s in your interest to provide customers with good jobs.

ThePensters.com Team

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