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“Their Eyes Were Watching God”: Analytical Essay Writing Guide

analytical essay writingWhen writing “Their Eyes Were Watching God” analytical essay, make sure you are equipped with all required skills. In case you cannot boast of being a professional analytical essay wrier, attentively read through the tips provided below. To cut the long story, analytical essay is a well-reasoned response to a certain question and it is based on a logical argument organized around the solid evidence. The key to a professional analytical essay writing on “Their Eyes Were Watching God” is about proper organization and thorough research.

Do research on the basis of your topic. When dealing with the work of literature, research means to read the novel from the first page till the last one. The key to a successful analytical essay lies in breaking down the project into essential parts that will be later analyzed. The subject of “Their Eyes Were Watching God” analytical paper can be just about anything. One of the examples may be related to the race aspects of the book. The author dedicates a huge part of her work to the treatment of the community of African-Americans. At the times described in the book the blacks were usually marginalized on the pages of almost all works produced by white writers. In contrast to her colleagues, Hurston provides a complex and full view of black community highlighting the brightest aspects of it: colorful humor and hooking storytelling by means of play and language.

Generate a working thesis statement that will indicate what you’re actually planning to accomplish by means of the analytical essay on the novel. For example, if you’re about to answer the question of relationship aspect on the pages of the novel, feel free to claim that Janie’s relationship with Tea Cake gives her and opportunity to be herself. The marriage is pretty stormy, full of ups and downs, but nevertheless, in their tempestuous union, Janie can fully express her inner self, including her bright masculine side. Ideally, the thesis of yours should be placed at the introduction paragraph end.

It will be more difficult (but still engaging!) to study the “watching God” or “going to God” theme. Make sure to provide your thesis statement as the answer for the following question – why would Janie recommend that everyone should find God? It is highly important to state that her recommendations are not similar to the traditional understanding of reaching God. Thus, your thesis statement may look like “Janie manages to “find God” in the storm”. The fury and force of the hurricane causes the main character and her pals to search for a deeper meaning behind the life storm. As one of the reasonable answers to the thesis statement question, you can state that “their eyes were watching God” in order to find a certain meaning behind the nature’s creation and fury, and their own fate.

Create a brief summary or make a list for all the facts you find interesting about the subject of analysis. In view of the fact that you’re working with a piece f literature, write a summary. Thus, you will find out whether or not you’re aware of all the peculiarities of the subject you’re analyzing.

Provide the body paragraphs including the essential evidence for the argument. Write down relevant citations from the book to back up your views and make your paper juicy. When approaching the culmination of the essay, restate and sum up what you’ve already stated through all of the body paragraphs.

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