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How to Arrange Critical Analysis on “Their Eyes Were Watching God”

critical analysis essaySo, this is the day, when you reached the last page of Zola Neale Hurston’s work of literature “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. Critical analysis you’re supposed to perform on the basis of this masterpiece is a way to share your personal viewpoint and express in what way you interpret the book. Moreover, this is your chance to study the piece of literature more accurately.


Start your critical analysis of the book “Their Eyes Were Watching God” with general observation of the subject. A lot of students tend to make use of a so-called “hook” to catch the reader’s eye, while the others provide a thought-provoking rhetorical question, tell an interesting fact related to the book. In order to attract your reader to the literature work of Hurston, make sure to mention that the book was initially poorly received because of “too much racism and feminism in it”.

Make sure to give enough background information in order to successfully establish the context for the assignment subject. For instance, one can mention that the author of the book was raised in Eatonville that is famous for being the first all-black United States city.

State what the key topic of the paper is together with an explanation why the arguments provided by the author are important. As a rule, all the detailed explanations of why the author’s claims are important are called in critical analysis “so what”. Once you’re done with stating a claim, sit down and ask yourself this very question – “so what?” and clearly write down the answer you have come up with.


Start every paragraph of the essay’s body with a topic sentence, making sure that each one is related to one of the key aspects of the project main idea. These sentences are called “analysis sub-claims” that you can argue or prove with solid evidence.

Each sub-claim is supposed to be supported by suitable quote from the text. If you claim that “Their Eyes Were Watching God” is a feminism-based novel, make sure you are ready to prove that. As an example, one can refer to the Hurston’s book main character – Janie. This person is dreaming about a perfect world, where every woman can find the right place in life and have a happy marriage. Explain in what way Janie differs from all her “colleagues” of the same sex and make sure to state why this character’s analysis is important and how it is related to the key idea of your paper.


Provide a clear restatement of the main idea of your paper. In case you consider Hurston’s novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” to be ahead of its time, make sure to restate the reasons why you’re so certain about that. Rather than repeating huge piles of content, it is recommended to restate the smaller details and discuss in what way the analysis you have performed matters in the modern world. Explain how the critical viewpoints on “Their Eyes Were Watching God” may affect the lifelines of a young reader.

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