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Sample Annual Report of a Company

annual company reportThe annual report is purposed to measure a comprehensive statement based on company’s activity through the past year. Moreover, it is targeted to shareholders and customers in order to send them a message about the financial conditions and financial development of a particular firm. Literally, most companies are obliged to prepare an annual report in order to fulfill the requirements of shareholders and demanding audience. Generally, sample annual report of a company includes the complex structure of letter to the shareholder, main highlights of the last year, management discussion and analysis, and corporate information. However, some companies can omit certain account elements when addressing to the general public via websites, advertisements, and television broadcasting. Overall, this report presents annual achievements of a company in a combined way with the help of charts and graphs, or simply as a written statement.

In 2015, Coca-Cola Inc. finished their global seven-years advertising campaign. Thus, the main promo idea “Taste the Feeling” denotes Coca-Cola to be a drink which is suitable for common taste and preference. In addition, the drink definitely dilutes everyday routine, making each day a special thing. Under this campaign, all Coca-Cola brands are united together, creating the product harmony. “Taste the Feeling” idea reflects both functional and emotional aspects of consuming experience. As a result, each customer can get a Coca-Cola bottle with or without caffeine, adjusting the choice towards lifestyle, diet, and opinion about the drink.

The company introduced brand-new fully recyclable Plant-Bottle in 2015. This innovative type of bottle generally meets the expectations of the consumers who have been pledging for environmentally-friendly beverage since 2009. Back in 2009, the first attempts to create the bottle fully made from plants were initiated by PET with their vegetable beverage. Comparing Plant-Bottle to the old sample, it is clear that new bottle has the lighter effect on the environment, is fully-recyclable, and allows to keep the resources owing to the fact that it is completely plant-made.

Coca-Cola’s labor system expands to the various countries across the whole globe, creating the most diverse network of employees from almost every nation. Moreover, the company has one of the youngest workforces in the world, forming an internal labor network of talented and innovative workers. The group, which is considered to be important for the company is Millennial Voices. The group consists of young associates who help recruit and train their potential colleagues. Millennial Voices is presumed to be a new vision of how consumer and businessman can interact with each other. It has helped the company in such various aspects as shaping everything from the new technology pilots and performed campus recycling initiatives. Flexible work policies and mentoring program are also their important merits.

The basic pillar of Coca-Cola’s internal and external policy is sustainability. Integrating this issue onto the very core of the company, Coca-Cola industries continue creating benefit for both shareholders and certain communities. The main aim of the company is denoted in the majority of innovations which will take place in the next decade as a part of the intersection of sustainability and the supply chain. Moreover, the company devotes itself to empower women all across the globe and enables better management of the water resources.


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