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Sample Agreements for Reference

Somebody is writing agreements for referencesA business agreement is a legal document which includes the information on essential obligations and duties of the members of the particular agreement. In other words, it is a contract the content of which can vary depending on a sphere and purpose of the mutual arrangement. The most important parts of the sample agreements are the members of the relationships, duties, requirements and obligations, terms and conditions sections.

This agreement becomes valid from the 1st of July, 2016, between an employer Cooper Green and an employee David Preston.

In case the Employer wishes to acquire the advantage of the services of the Employee, and the Worker wishes to present such services on the terms and conditions put forward.

1. Employment.

The Employee agrees that he will comply conscientiously, studiously, and to the best of his knowledge, skills, ability, talents, and experience, all of the requirements necessary for the position. In performing these requirements and duties, the Employee will carry out all Employer rules and regulations, procedures as are declared by the Employer.

2. Position.

As an Executive Editor, the Employee is required to comply duties and carry responsibilities, such as:

  • To write a cover story for the weekly magazine.
  • To organize the work of the Writers’ Department and check it according to their responsibilities, which can be found in the Recruitment Department.
  • To conduct editing and proofreading of the articles written by the writers.
  • To approve the issue of the weekly magazine.

3. Payment.

  • As compensation for the services performed, the employee is to be paid at the rate of $3000.
  • The bonus system depeneds on the personal achievements of the Executive Editor.
  • The salary written in paragraph (1) are to be reviewed annually.
  • All valid costs emerging out of work should be compensated assuming same have been approved before to being brought about and with the provision of suitable receipts.

4. Vacation.

The Employee is to be permitted to vacations in the extent of 3 weeks per calendar year.

5. Benefits.

The Employer should at its refund give the Employee the Health Plan that is actually in place.

6. Trial Period.

It is agreed that the first ninety days of employment are to be the trial period during which the Employer may determine the employment, for any reason without cause.

7. Performance Reviews.

The Employee have to be provided with a written perfomance testing at least one time a year and the performance will be reviewed specifically all aspects of the evaluation can be discussed.

8. Termination.

  • The Employee may terminate the agreement by providing not less than two weeks written legal notice to the Employer.
  • The Employer may terminate the agreement anytime, without notice or payment in place of notice, for satisfactory cause.
  • The Employer may terminate the employment without the necessity to show satisfactory cause accordant to (2), in case the Employer pays to the Employee an amount as written in the Employment Standards Act 2000. This payment is to include the employees full entitlement proceeding from the termination.
  • The employee agrees to redeem any property of the company at the time of termination.

9. Laws.

The agreement will be regulated by the Laws of Oklahoma state.

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