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Case Study on Performance Appraisal

case study structureThe case study on performance appraisal implies both formal and informal processes that have a purpose to evaluate a specific employee or an organization. In common, it is set to determine ways of a further development. A crucial feature of the performance appraisal paper is an appeal to concrete examples, which illustrate positive or negative sides of company’s performance. It should be noted that by conducting the performance appraisal research, a company is able to improve its management since specific measures to overcome shortcomings can be devised.


Anovex Inc. is quite a young company specializing in the production of kleenex. Founded in 2005 in the city of Montgomery, Alabama, the company’s commodity quickly achieved public recognition. Anovex Inc. was established on strict principles of a corporate responsibility, thereby, allowing the company to fully focus on developing qualitative products that will completely satisfy customers’ needs. Until the end of 2015, Anovex Inc. has already possessed approximately 75 percent of the Alabama’s kleenex market. Currently, the company employs 150 workers in their only production facilities in Montgomery. However, Anovex Inc. develops plans to penetrate into the markets of Louisiana and Mississippi. In fact, one of the most attractive features of Anovex Inc.’s kleenex is the application of hypoallergenic materials.


At the beginning of 2016, Anovex Inc. has faced the threat of competition from the Cleancorp, the manufacturer of hygiene products with significant production capacities and market shares in West Virginia, Kentucky, New York, and Pennsylvania. Cleancorp began an aggressive campaign to capture all 100 percent of the Alabama kleenex market. Major difficulties for Anovex Inc. to struggle with Cleancorp implied the fact that Cleancorp has already existed from the late 1980s, thus, this company has a more considerable marketing experience. Specifically, due to a vaster scope of product lines, Cleancorp was able to quickly win a market share in Alabama by selling combined kits with kleenex and disinfectant. Additionally, Anovex Inc.’s ability to compete with Cleancorp was meager due to the fact that the top management tended to allocate all resources for the production of only one type of kleenex without any segmentation.


Since Cleancorp possesses greater financial possibilities to expand geographically, it is barely possible for Anovex Inc. to compete by increasing the scopes of production. As the possible solution, Anovex Inc. may change a managerial approach and start to improve kleenex in different directions like size, smell, the extent of humidity, and other. In fact, a narrow specialization of Anovex Inc. allows it to understand the customers’ preferences sufficiently. At the same time, being quite a young brand, Anovex Inc. has more possibilities to manipulate the price since their kleenex do not contain a price cheat of a common famous brand. However, the presence of Anovex Inc. only in the Alabama state eventually made it prominent among local retailers. Based on this, Anovex Inc. should make all efforts to maintain the cooperation with them, perhaps, by introducing beneficial discount programs.


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