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7 Best Audiobook Apps Every Student Must Have

audiobook apps
In today’s world of constant rush, hustle and bustle reading is a luxury not everybody can afford. Even those who genuinely love reading find it more and more difficult to find time for it – and students certainly fall into the category of those who often have to juggle too many responsibilities to find time to read even what is expected of them for their studies, let alone for pleasure. In this situation audiobooks, which you can listen to as you go about your other business, are a godsend. Let’s take a look at 7 audiobook apps that can make your life as a student a great deal easier and more pleasant.

1. Audible (iOS, Android, $14.95/month)

Audible is the unrivalled behemoth in the world of audiobooks, offering an ever-growing library of more than 150,000 titles, comfortable integration with Amazon’s Kindle and powerful functionality including easy chapter navigation, multitasking, playback and much more. Subscription will also grant you a free book once a month and 30% off further purchases.

2.  Audio Books by Simply Audiobooks (iOS, Android, $14.95/month)

Very similar to Audible – a powerful app with interesting functionality, a free first book after subscribing, but a much narrower choice – about 45,000. It may still be more than enough for you, and not all titles overlap with those by Audible.

3. Overdrive (iOS, Android, free)

Overdrive takes an entirely different approach. Instead of selling you books, it allows you to download audiobooks and ebooks for free – but only if your local library supports the app, and you have a library card there. As a result, you will have to be happy with what you get, and the choice of books may be very different from community to community.

4. Scribd (iOS, Android, $8.99/month)

Scribd initially was a digital library and only relatively recently moved in the domain of audiobooks, with its own take on the matter. It doesn’t sell them but provides unlimited access to more than 30,000 titles and more than a million of ebooks for a fixed monthly fee.

5. Nook Audiobooks (Android, free)

Nook is a more traditional store, offering about 50,000 titles and has one important advantage over the likes of Audible and Audio Books – you don’t have to pay a subscription fee. You simply buy books and then listen to them through Nook’s own and rather well-designed app.

6. Bookmobile (iOS, 60-day free trial, 3.99/month)

Bookmobile doesn’t come with a store attached – instead it is an app that allows you to listen to DRM-free audiobooks, e.g., ripped from CDs, while accepting content from iTunes and Audible as well. It features simple and convenient controls, including playback, bookmarking and much more.

7. Downpour (iOS, Android, free)

Downpour offers DRM-free books both for sale and for rent, works on any device and offers pretty typical but comfortable control scheme. It expands rapidly, adding thousands of new titles every month, so you may find it a good idea to take a look at it rather often not to miss something you may want.

So choose the one that suits you most and jump in!

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