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Software Developers, Market Researchers and Financial Analysts Are Our Future

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General idea of success in the past was choosing a future vocation carefully, going to a prestigious college, getting a stable job and then sticking to it for the majority of your life, relentlessly climbing up the career ladder and, probably, switching to a larger company a couple of times in the process.

But we live in the information age – however trite this remark may sound by now, it is still true. This means that situation in the job market may change considerably in just a couple of years, and the world you meet graduating from college may be quite different from what the world was like when you applied for admission.

This, in the long run, means that your current college degree shouldn’t define what you will do for the rest of your life. If you see a better venture, don’t be afraid to retrain and move over there. It is not unheard-of for social science grads to leap to accounting or something else.

So, what is our future looking like right now, in terms of jobs? A well-respected tool to help you out here is the Hot Careers Report by University of California, San Diego Extension.

As it has been for quite a while, software developers, computer network architects and marketing analysts head the list of the hottest jobs. And it is likely that this tendency is going to remain strong. After all, every year brings us new breakthroughs in the areas of big data, cloud computing, mobile devices and so on. The mobile market alone simply exploded over the last few years, creating enormous demand for new applications and, therefore, exceptional demand for new professionals in the area.

However, digital world isn’t the only hot thing right now. Surprisingly for some (and all too expectedly for others) today we see a noticeable upsurge in demand for such professions as financial analysts and advisors, elementary school teachers, nurses, physical therapists, accountants, auditors and so on.

The reason for it is all too simple. We have recently reached the stage at which massive population of Baby Boomers started to go into retirement. This, on the one hand, leads to decrease in pensions and, on the other hand, to growing demand in specialists who would help aging people prepare to their retirements and those already retired manage their finances and affairs in general. They demand healthcare as well, hence the demand for nurses and physical therapists.

In addition to that, numerous representatives of some professions, like elementary school teachers, are retiring as well, which leads to growing demand for their services that isn’t going to be rectified for some years.

In other words, professions dealing with all things digital are still leading the way – the area keeps expanding and demands more and more professionals. But it doesn’t mean that other walks of life are to be ignored – there are numerous ways of building excellent careers for those who are not inclined to this kind of work.

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