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How to Become Friends with Biology: A Level Coursework Ideas to Change Your Attitude

If you’re involved in a biology A level coursework, odds are good you won’t be writing nearly as many papers as, say, an English student. That said, no matter what type of subject you study, you’ll have to write a term paper at some point, especially at the college level. The problem is, many people find it difficult to write anything interesting on the topic of biology. It simply isn’t the type of subject that offers you many compelling ideas.
To make your essay assignment less stressful, consider writing about the following topics. They’ll capture the attention of your professor while still giving you a chance to prove that you understand the subject matter.

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Although this subject is usually covered in greater detail in psychology courses, it’s also one that biology students focus on at certain points in their studies. It’s also the perfect topic for an interesting paper. That’s because it’s relatable. Although, not everyone has the kind of phobia that can interfere with their day-to-day lives, most people have at least a mild phobia of some form. As such, they’re usually interested in learning more about the subject matter. Writing an essay on this topic will give you a chance to submit a paper that your professor will find genuinely thought-provoking.

Conjoined Twins

Medical developments have made the birth of conjoined twins less common than it once was. However, it can still happen, and for the most part, people don’t understand much about the subject. They’re so distracted by the sensationalistic news stories that they don’t get a chance to learn more about conjoined twins from a biological perspective. If you write an essay about conjoined twins, you’ll be covering something that is relevant to your coursework and you’ll be writing on a genuinely interesting topic.


As the recent news coverage of Ebola proves, people are still very interested in learning more about epidemics. This is because, although this subject is a purely scientific one, it also has major consequences for literally every single human being on the planet. People are naturally drawn to topics that are relevant on a global scale, from war to politics. If you’re a biology student who is looking for a compelling paper idea, consider writing in detail about a specific potential epidemics.

Biological Weapons

Most of the time, students write about the topic of biological weapons from a political or historical perspective. While these are definitely valid ways to cover this subject matter, it overlooks a simple fact: the subject of biology is essential to understanding how biological weaponry works, and the effects that these weapons have on their victims. This gap gives students an opportunity to write a paper that will capture the attention of a professor, as it won’t be something they’re used to read about.
Writing a paper for your biology course doesn’t need to be a struggle. If you take the time to come up with an interesting topic, it would be quite easy to stand out from the crowd.

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